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RickyV1971 02-09-2018 12:51 AM

Are there any Spey gatherings here in Texas?
Hi everybody. Does anybody know of any Spey gatherings here in East Texas. We moved down to Texas where my wife is from 6 years ago after visiting her family and having a car hit me and wreck my back. An idiot who was texting while driving hit me going 70-75mph while I was waiting at a set of lights on a highway service road. Causing me to break my ribs next to my spine (so they couldn’t wrap them and I had to lay on one side so I didn’t puncture my lung), herniate (pinched nerves) all my lower discs and blow out all the fluid in between them so I was stuck having them rub together raw. So I had to get a discectomy surgery that a well known spine surgeon botched. So after being in pain for years and not being able to get out and do anything outdoors, I was given the only option left for me to recover and had to get a back fusion last December. Now I feel great and got the go ahead to get out and swing flies again in a couple of more weeks.

So I haven’t been able to really fish much down here in Texas except for the first couple of months we got here. But I was lucky enough to get a guided trip in Galveston Bay for my birthday from my wife so that was great and I was able to fish the Texas Barn Door (flounder) run, Bull Reds on the beach and do some swinging down at Rollover Pass at Bolivar and catch some Specks (speckled sea trout) and that was awesome!!!! So I have been living off of a lot of memories and thought my days of being able to get out to fish, shoot my bows and enjoy life were over till I received this new operation. The doctor did preventative steps in the surgery and is known as the one time operation doctor because none of his patients ever have to get another back surgery within 10 years for the first upper disc failing. So I was able to start watching fishing shows again without getting all depressed and now I am really fricking happy as hell that I will be able to get out and live a full life again. It’s been a long journey and I will be picking up a Hyde high side drift boat this year and a small motorhome so I can take trips up to the White and Red river in Arkansas and run around the back end of the bays down here and swing flies.

I am really looking forward to fishing all these new areas and was wondering if there are any Spey get togethers here in the Texas area. I have been to a couple of different Spey outings when we lived up in MA and they were a lot of fun. So I would like to meet some fellow Spey casters in the area by going to any Spey gatherings in my area. I live in the West Houston area and with all the inlets going in to the bays along the coast under an hour away, I figure there has to be some Spey gatherings down this way. Any help with pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post about my accident and what I went through, but maybe it will make people think more about texting while driving. I knew she was texting because her phone was on her floor board in her car and she was getting texts asking if she was there lol. Plus there were a bunch of witnesses saying that they seen her texting while they were getting out of her way while she crossed over 5 lanes before getting to the light lol. Thanks everybody!

fish0n4evr 02-22-2018 02:32 PM

Bumping this one for all drivers out there to keep in mind not to drive distracted.

Im just glad that you can post here and do the things you enjoy after an accident like that.

RickyV1971 03-30-2018 09:45 AM

Sorry to take so long to reply. I forgot about this post while reading all the posts on the forum. There is some great stuff on here! I guess there are not any gatherings down this way. I see that there are a couple of group members that also live here in Texas and will probably reach out to them and see if they want to swing some flies at the mouth of the bays at some point. We have a lot of big estuaries down here and everything runs through them. Mostly Redfish, Black Drum, Speckled Sea Trout, big Flounder, Sheepshead and smaller Tarpon during the summer in the early morning. So itís a lot of fun to fish these areas and you never know what will hit your fly. Thanks again and have a great day.

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