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chattmr 03-30-2009 05:10 PM

Spey Instruction in the Deep South?
Everything I've ever read on this (and other forums) says that a new spey caster (me) should get some professional instruction before picking up bad habits trying to teach himself.

Problem is, I live in Alabama, and my opportunities to travel to more traditional spey grounds (where I presume that talented casting instructors are plentiful) are limited. To my knowledge, there are no "spey claves" or "spey days" in Alabama. Anybody know a place in the deep south where I could get some decent instruction? If not, what is the second-best way to learn?

I have already purchased the "Spey to Z" DVD and I have been watching the instructional clips on this site and on YouTube. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for your input.

Subtropicalspey 03-30-2009 06:45 PM

Jacksonville opportunity
One good idea would be to contact John Bottko at the Salty Feather Fly Shop in Jacksonville, FL. His numbers are (904) 645-8998 or (888) 847-2589 and his web site is [ww.saltyfeather.com He is sponsoring a week-end Spey teaching session with Simon Gawesworth for July 18 -19, 2009.

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