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carlosjr 11-22-2016 12:46 AM

Rio Scandi Body
anyone have any thoughts/opinions on these? They seem almost identical to a wulff ambush head, but they are in the 23' range and are more of a scandit head.

Speyducer 11-22-2016 01:11 AM


Originally Posted by carlosjr (Post 1910530)
anyone have any thoughts/opinions on these? They seem almost identical to a wulff ambush head, but they are in the 23' range and are more of a scandit head.

I really wish these line companies didn't keep moving the goalposts!

When I was 'growing up' with lines, starting off with LEVEL lines in the '60's, then single & double taper in the 70's & '80's, and shooting heads with mono running lines, and then weight-forward "Spey" lines into the '90's & beyond, people knew where you were with the descriptors. Then 'Skagit' hit the commercial road in the late '90's and these Skagit heads were 28 to 30'; around the same timeframe, Scandinavian shooting heads appeared outside of Scandinavia (although in the UK we had been using shooting heads of a similar length since the early '80's), and these Scandi heads were 40-44': "Spey" lines were designated short-head (up to 60'), medium head (60 to 74'), & long heads (including competition heads) (75' and up). Everyone still knew where we were.

However, I've noticed a 'creep' of lower & lower length heads for these "Skagit" heads, although they have stated 'short Skagit' etc.; the latest offerings include the OPST commando heads as short as 12'! [I said, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, many years ago that Skagit heads would eventually get down to about 2' (yes, 24 inches!) - we seem to be going that way.

After the above rant, to answer your question, a 23' head is a short Skagit, and NOT a Scandi head, unless, of course, Rio is moving the same naming goalposts yet again. You simply can't trust the labelling. :eek:

The term 'Scandit' as you have used it was originally designed to be used to describe a head that was between a Skagit length head and a Scandi length head, BUT, it depends on what baseline terms the coiner of the term 'Scandit' used for what was currently called a Skagit head and what was currently called a Scandi head AT THE TIME the 'Scandit' term was invented! - confused - you should be, as is 99% of the fly casting fraternity!


Tuben 11-22-2016 02:57 AM


Originally Posted by carlosjr (Post 1910530)
anyone have any thoughts/opinions on these? They seem almost identical to a wulff ambush head, but they are in the 23' range and are more of a scandit head.

The scandi body is the same body that is included in the Rio scandi(short) versitip lines. These lines/bodys are very popular, at least here in Scandinavia. It's supposed to be used with a tip of any kind. Up to 13' rods it's recomended with 10' tips(short version) and for longer rods it's supposed to be used with 15' tips.

The taper is somewhere in between scandi and skagit and therefor it can be used with various t-tips as well.

It's available in several densities including float, float/int, int, sink2 and sink4. With a couple of bodies and a bunch of tips you're all set for most conditions:wink2:

A little heads up for lines that is made a couple of years ago when Rio had problems with lines breaking.

Good luck! /Tobias

shotgunner 11-22-2016 10:39 AM

A very practical well working head/body for smaller to mid sized waters. They are intended to have a tip of some sort incorporated. As stated above same body as comes with SSVT Kit. You can access the info online as to what the corresponding tips weigh for matching up with specific line class bodies. Those weights and lengths are not necessarily written in stone but the lighter line class kits are going to be more finicky and tighter tolerance zone. The heavier line class bodies will be much more friendly with tip length/weight variation ..and definitely more capable of handling larger flies.

Best of luck

boomslang 11-22-2016 12:28 PM

in my opinion SSVT is a very capable and versatile line system. I have been using the 7wt version with 15' tips on my TnT 13' 7wt DNA rod. I like them in specific casting situation and fishing conditions. I fish a NextCast WA55 6/7 head on this rod as well, but, when i am fishing rivers with tight casting space, I fish the Scandi system. It feels more Skagit (older skagit) than Scandi, but, still the taper profile is not as clumsy as a skagit head.

I think skagit head are getting shorter and shorter to compensate for poor casting mechanics. In my opinion the whole "shorter and shorter skagit" line approach is detrimental to becoming a better double handed caster/fisher.


carlosjr 11-23-2016 03:32 PM

I completely agree woth you 100% on the short skagits. I have a 15foot opst head and think it's just way too short, even on my 11foot switch. I think 20 feet is still really short, however appropriate for a shorter rod

Neil W 11-25-2016 04:38 PM

The Rio body is excellent. Put on a 10' tip and you have the SSVT put on a 15' tip and you have a longer line for longer rods. Very versatile

Rick J 11-26-2016 12:55 PM

kind of off the original topic: in support of the OPST and the RIO short heads - one of the benefits of these lines and reason for their popularity is for trout fishing where you are often stripping your fly such as various streamers - you can strip very close to your rod tip and still be able to make the next cast without the head being inside the guides. I like the RIOs for this as they are all consistently short independent of grain weight though hope they get a few more lighter options out there

Seems quite a few are now using them as standard skagits for swinging and except for very tight quarters I do not see much benefit. However I do love the short 20 footers -I am typically not casting that far in the winter and they are really a joy to cast with almost no effort. Of course the really short heads take even less effort

carlosjr 11-26-2016 02:53 PM

I completely agree with you. I have an opst head on a switch and find it almost pointless to have that short of a head for swinging in normal conditions. It's just more striping that I don't want to do and managing more running line. However, I do like the shorter 20 ft heads. Perfect for my casting stroke and not excessive stripping

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