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MarkBevans 01-16-2008 01:57 PM

Casting Instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area
Hello All

New member here. Long time fly caster, yet new to the Spey lifestyle.

I was wondering if there might be an instructor that resides in the Bay Area that might offer personal instruction in basic casting.

Thanks kindly
Mark Bevans

beau purvis 01-16-2008 02:45 PM

Check with the local fly shops.I know Dec Hogan is doing some instruction classes with a bunch of the local shops sometime this spring.I believe The Fly Shop in redding and The Fly Fishing Outfitters in SF may be involved. This may be a better way to start.


Bob Pauli 01-16-2008 05:10 PM

The Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club [GGACC] in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park is a very good place to start if you are in range. See ggacc.org.

Don't miss the US Open of Spey Casting, Spey O Rama held April 18-20, 2008 at GGACC. You'll see 3 days of world-class Spey casters, and get the opportunity to learn, via larger group presentations and small group clinics, from many of the world's best.

In Sacramento is Kiene's Fly Shop, a center of activity, and two fine instructors, Bill Lowe and Jeff Putnam.

MJC 01-16-2008 05:28 PM

Christopher King, Redding CA USA Email: [email protected]

Bill Lowe, Fair Oaks, CA USA Email: [email protected]

Jeff Putnam, Sacramento CA USA Email: [email protected]

Bob's suggestion about the GGACC is a good one.

Glenburn Drift 01-16-2008 11:27 PM

Dec Hogan's Spey Clinics with the Fly Shop and Kienes sold out like Rolling Stone tickets, like over night. I guess he is just doing the two weekends in March so far but the demand for casting with Dec may convince Dec to do more of them. I was out at the GGACC this afternoon working on my Spey Casting. Beautiful sunny afternoon for it too. There are a couple of guys that teach casting but there really isn't a dedicated Spey Casting Instructor as far as I know in San Francisco that you can hire by the hour. The local Fly Shops don't have the employees that are confident enough with a spey rod to teach it. They usually bring someone in like Chris King to teach a class or clinic. Come on down to the GGACC this Saturday. Introduce yourself to the guys in the Angler's Lodge and tell them you are trying to learn spey casting and would appreciate any help they might offer. If you keep coming back, after a while, after watching them and practicing and getting pointers you'll be on your way.

MarkBevans 01-18-2008 05:55 PM

Thanks all for the replies.

I will make it out to the GGACC this weekend and see if I can recruit a warm body, as I spend a few days a week in the Bay Area, weekends mostly up in the mountains. As I can pitch some decent line on still water, mending and working rivers is where I have a few issues, or at least the Steelhead have issues with my presentations.

I've made it out to the Spey-O-Rama before and have always left with valuable insight. I will make it out again this year.

Tricks of the trade required........

Cheers all

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