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J.James 03-29-2016 10:25 PM

The photography thread
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This is a thread to post pictures you feel are fishy, beautiful, artistic, or interesting. It doesn't have to be fish related so long as some water is present although I'm betting on some of you taking liberties and I encourage that always :)

We clearly have some great photographers here, have at it! There are far worse ways to spend your time than perusing this thread

J.James 03-29-2016 10:28 PM

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I like this

Back Eddy 03-29-2016 10:33 PM

Love it
Can't wait to check in freguently

Back Eddy 03-29-2016 10:35 PM

Not the Biggest Fish
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I ever caught but one of the best trips I was ever on

yoda1 03-29-2016 10:43 PM

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Here's one that qualifies. It was taken on a section of a river that contains mostly wild (mandatory release) steelhead. This shiny little guy just missed becoming dinner after wrongly assuming he was a wild fish.

yoda1 03-29-2016 11:06 PM

22 foot Tenkara
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This gentleman travelled from his homeland to the Kispiox to fulfill his dream of landing his first steelhead on a Tenkara rod, which he did a few minutes before this image was captured. There was much celebration in his camp that evening...

theCC 03-29-2016 11:33 PM

J.James 03-30-2016 12:48 AM

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Great pictures all.

Love the stories behind them

Thank you for sharing. I know you all have much more in your inventory so feel free to post more than once

This one still thrills me

SkagitMiester 03-30-2016 12:52 AM

Cool photo with good lighting and equipment.
My buddy needed some footage for a commercial he produced. So he shared with me.


SLSS 03-30-2016 01:09 AM

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I got to explore some new-to-me water with a couple of good friends.

domantas 03-30-2016 01:54 AM

Huronfly 03-30-2016 07:14 AM

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Here's a couple pictures taken at the same time in opposite directions in Oct. of 2015.

Attachment 185489

Attachment 185497

Jarmo_H 03-30-2016 07:28 AM

A friend of mine is waiting for a strike of an Atlantic salmon on the Teno river in Finland. The sun disappears temporarily behind a mountain on the Norwegian side in the land of the midnight sun.


Speyducer 03-30-2016 07:38 AM

CSFT 03-30-2016 07:44 AM

Closing The Season
I'm no great photographer...that's for sure, but as the changing leaves will show it is later in the season on one of my favorite Pennsylvania spring creeks. The fish were only a little cooperative, but as I read somewhere -- All fishing is good fishing...when you catch fish it's great fishing.


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