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brocco 03-14-2016 04:22 PM

Atlantic Salmon Fly International June 2016
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An International Celebration of the Art and Passion of the Atlantic Salmon Fly

Due to the success of our first show in 2014, I would like to announce that we are once again hosting Atlantic Salmon Fly International this June 3, 4, 5 from 9 am to 5 pm in Renton, WA.

We made sure that the event does not conflict with the Sandy River Spey Clave so those of you who were unable to attend in 2014 can hopefully see the event this year! Unlike other shows, this is not an annual event. Participants are flying in from around the world so it is just not feasible to put this show on again in the PNW.

If you are at all interested in salmon flies, the auction which features a lot of fly-fishing gear too, or meeting these fly-tyers who are also fly-fishermen from nearly every continent, you should consider coming & networking. It is the people who made the event so special and it's all about camaraderie and sharing knowledge, experience and friendship. If you like the idea of picking up some new tying tricks, improving your tying, or getting into salmon flies this is an event you can't afford to miss.

ASFI is an International exhibition celebrating the art and passion of the Atlantic Salmon Fly. Over 70 world-class tyers representing 17+ countries are coming to Renton, WA for three days to share their experience, passion, artistry, creativity, and fly-tying tips & techniques with the public. This event presents a rare & unparalleled opportunity for the beginner to expert fly-tyer to meet the individuals featured in books and learn about this classic art-form from some of the most renowned tyers alive today. It is truly a unique, one-time opportunity you do not want to miss! Nobody would tie these flies were it not for zealous salmon fly tyers sharing their knowledge face-to-face over the eras. The robust tradition grows as we continue to make new friends and share our passion with fellow enthusiasts. While the Internet, forums and social media make sharing knowledge easy, there is no substitute for tangible camaraderie and learning in person. Exhibitors will be a fantastic source for fly-tying tools, feathers, materials, tinsel, and fly-fishing gear! A silent and live auction feature one-of-a-kind items rarely found on the open market. You can find out more about tyers, exhibitors, sponsors, presentations, demonstrations, and the silent & live auction on our website. All profits from the event benefit Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Sequim, WA that designs adaptive devices to allow those with physical limitations to fish again. A special thank you to Wasatch Custom Angling for sponsoring this event again!

In addition to tying, there are HOOK making and feather DYEING demos and a silent auction to boot! In 2014 we had items for the serious collector and average joe - Harry Lemire's one-of-a-kind Saracione reel, Hardy reels, fly rods from Burkheimer, Meiser, Sage, & Echo, Orvis, lots of lines and gear, a wide variety of fly boxes, and beautifully tied and framed salmon flies. There was also be gear from sponsors - Filson, Sage, Simms, Creekside Angling, Orvis, Eddie Bauer, Dry Fly Distilling, ExOfficio, Avid Angler..... I will do my best to announce the 2016 auction items as soon as I can but I can promise, there will be something for everyone!

All proceeds go to Olympic Peninsula Fishing Innovations, a nonprofit whose products help those who are unable to use traditional equipment fly-fish and tie flies again. The event is held in honor of Ted Niemeyer, a fly-tying and fly-fishing aficionado. I believe his depth and breath of knowledge of fly-tying is unparalleled.

More Info Below for those who are interested:

The Atlantic Salmon Fly International

Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild -

You can also follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ASFIEXPO

We look forward to your participation in maintaining the momentum of the tradition, and making ASFI a success!

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions of if you are interested in donating an auction item to support OPFI.

brocco 05-17-2016 02:59 PM

ASFI Silent Auction & More
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Atlantic Salmon Fly International is just a few weeks away. In addition to salmon fly tying and supporting an awesome non-profit, we have a silent auction and raffles lined up that may interest some of you.

The silent auction features 100s of items including spey lessons from Charles St. Pierre, fly boxes stuffed by members of the Washington Steelhead Flyfishers group and Northwest Atlantic Salmon Fly Guild, rods, reels, spey lines, and a lot more gear.

We are raffling off three amazing fully framed collections of Harry Lemire flies.

The team at CF Burkheimer donated an 8 wt, 4 piece spey rod to the live auction.

There's a lot of cool stuff happening at this show but you got to be there to share in the action and fun. If you buy tickets in advance online, we are automatically entering you in a raffle for a Harry Lemire Ranger salmon fly. All proceeds from the event go to support Olympic Peninsula Innovations - they are a small nonprofit building adaptive devices for one-handed individuals to go fly-fishing and fly-tying. It started supporting wounded veterans and helping out Project Healing Waters and now their devices are available to anyone in need including those who lost mobility from a stroke, accident, surgery, severe arthritis, and so much more. We're all in this to bring an awesome group of people together and have a good time.

And to clarify... THIS IS A ONE-TIME show. We are not putting this on every year so if you're thinking, "I'll go next time," you're out of luck.

Get your tickets here: https://asfi-expo.ticketbud.com/atla...rnational-2016

If you want to know more about the live auction or make a donation email me at [email protected] or check us out on facebook

kalamaman 06-05-2016 04:13 AM

If you're within reach of Renton, WA tomorrow (Sunday, June 5, 9a-5p), go see the best flytying you'll ever witness! +70 of the world's best… some use a vice, some tie in hand and ALL flies are exquisite. I came away with many useful ideas for improving my tying. All were very helpful with both demonstrations and explanations. Lots of for sale items, too. Rare opportunity to take advantage of… really glad I did!

NCFS 06-05-2016 11:12 AM

Those close to Renton should try to wonder about this event to really see amazing innovation and skills at work. If you want to be stunned watch the skills of the 11 and 12 year old tiers rhyming off feather names like numbers or those mature tiers moving their hands and doing amazing things as if they didn't exist ...the tiers of yesteryear have left their mark and the passion is strong here...the world of fly tying is a good place to be

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