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Conversation Between GHalliday and Mean Mr Mustard
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  1. GHalliday
    05-29-2019 07:06 AM - permalink
    We live in the world of supported content. If you like it you support it. Tim's channel is a great resource and I get a lot out of it. Its blue collar, home grown, and not brought to you by blah blah blah fly shop on the banks of some river nobody can afford to get to. Also, he's not standing in a river wearing a microphone addressing some crowd over a PA system and charging admission to his clinic. Ive actually become a better caster from watching his videos and that is where the real value is.
  2. Mean Mr Mustard
    05-28-2019 11:08 PM - permalink
    Mean Mr Mustard
    Just spoke with Tim Rawlins and I would like to extend my thanks for your contribution to Tim's remote microphone fund raiser. Your donation was huge from a financial perspective and even larger in the friendship that comes with it, of that I am certain. Tim was a little late in recognizing the donation and feels a tiny bit sheepish for not minding the store more closely and thanking those who helped in a more timely manner. Take my word on the fact that he spoke very warmly of your graciousness. Gee, without sounding any dumber, thanks again, bro.
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