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Bill Gammel
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Dana, I sent you a summary this morning.

The test will be in two parts. The practical portion will cover 7 casts: overhead, roll cast, switch, single, double, snake roll, and snapT/c spey. Each cast will require several skills to be demonstrated. The distances required seem to be of some interest. The over head casts will require 70 -100 foot casts. The roll casts will require 70 foot casts. The rest of the casts will require distances of 80 feet with some skills requiring a shoot to 100.

The second part of the test will have oral questions. There will be roughly 9-10 manditory oral questions. These will heavily emphasize teaching and explanation skills. There will be a huge list of optional questions available if the tester does not feel that he or she has not determined the skill level.

Several other details must be worked out before testing begins. I hope to be bringing you details soon.

I will be checking in ever so often. Have a good day.

Bill Gammel
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