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Tippet length on sinking head

Can someone tell me what is the length of your tippet on your T-11-17 sinking tips. How many sections etc.
Thanks in advance

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I see no one has responded so here is something that works for fishing for steelhead.

You'll have your backing on the reel, then the running line (say 100'), then the head (with T material you'll likely use a Skagit and then as you say for the sink tip using T 14 or 17 (or T8 and T11 for that matter) you'll add about a 4' tippet of something like Ultra Green Maxima then the fly.

The fish end of the T sink tip should have a loop for loop to loop connection to the tippet.

Maybe.......someone might suggest that a 1 foot section of say 30lb be on the fisherman end of tippet than another 3 feet of your chosen say 12lb tippet. This sometimes helps the loop on the fish end of the sink tip last better. Maybe that's what you are meaning in your question.

The strength of the 4' section is most of the time 12lb or 15lb. Some folks might use 10lb but by and large at least in my experience Steelhead are not leader shy. So 4' of Maxima!

We don't all use the same tippets etc but this works Stew.

Caveat: I have been telling my fishing buddies lately that I have discovered I am getting a lot better at BS ing about steelhead than hooking them.....oh well.........

Good luck
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I strip about one inch of the T-14 material off the business end of my MOW tips, Attach about 2' of 25lb mono via an Albright knot. Tie a perfection loop on the end of the butt section & loop to loop your tippet section to that. For me the tippet will be about 2/2-1/2 ft of 12lb mono.
For lighter MOW tips, you might want to drop the butt section down to a little less than that of the core material.
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1 1/2 feet of 25 lb. test attached to the T-x sinking tip with an albright knot and lightly glued with a flexible cyanoacrylate glue. 2 to 4 feet of tippet, typically 15 lb.

The fish are not leader or sink-tip shy so 6 inches of nylon should be enough. The additional feet of tippet creates a shock absorber for large, fast moving fish and can provide for a better presentation, example light tube flies that ride higher in the water than the sink-tip.

Have fished T-17 and T-20 in the past but stick to T-14 and T-11 these days. I suspect (but don't really know) that the larger diameter of the T-17 material slows the rate of descent so it does not sink much faster than T-14 if at all.

Contrary to JDJones, I do not bother to strip the material off the T-x tip or the albright knot though I would love to hear why that is a good idea.


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I go with a short, less than 6” chunk of 30lb maxima looped to the sinktip, and ending in a loop. This keeps my smaller tippet from digging in to the sink tip loop. To this I go no more than 3 ft of 12lb maxima. I fish it down to 1 foot. From my understanding, at some point to long a leader on your sinktip will have your fly riding higher than your tip, unless you’ve got some weight on your fly, than maybe not.
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I recycle old mid sections of tapered trout leaders for a butt section about a foot long and attached to my sinking heaf (tip) via improved nail knot (roughly .020 tapering down to .013) to 3' of 10-12# maxima. 20# butt works fine also, butt I like to recycle....

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one section of 10# Maxima 2-3' long
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I have welded loops on all my sink tips, so I prefer to protect them as best I can.
Therefore I use a 12" section of either 25lb or 30lb Maxima mono. It's looped on both sides and I add a 2ft to 3ft section of tippet. The tippet is dependent on fly size. Smaller flies usually get 8lb tippet and bigger flies can get 12lb tippet.
When using high density tips and unweighted flies, keep your leader/tippet length to a minimum, no more than 4ft. The longer the tippet, the greater the chances of your fly fishing higher than your tip. It's redundant using a high density tip while attaching a long leader.

Along with leader length, you should consider flies that sink and stay sunk. There is more to designing a sunk fly than adding weight.

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I usually tie surgeons loops in the ends of a 12-15" piece of 25 or 30 pound mono and loop that to the end of my sink tip to help prevent the leader from digging into the coating and then add 2 or 3 feet of 15 pound Maxima or 16 pound Rio Salmon/Steelhead tippet material. If it's getting to be pretty clear, and it's in the 40s or warmer, I'll occasionally use some 0x fluorocarbon, but it's probably not really necessary.
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Simple and short for most flies

A general recommendation is to use shorter leaders with sink tips or full sinking lines, because in most cases the tip sinks faster than the fly. If the fly you are fishing is weighted sufficiently to sink faster than the tip, you can effectively use longer leaders if you want to get as deep as possible, as long as 15'.

As a fan of neutrally buoyant flies I usually start the morning with 5' of Maxima tied directly to the sink tip. When the leader gets shorter due to changing flies, say 2', I add enough to get back to 4-5'. Always use a four (quadruple) turn surgeon's knot to tie leader/tippet material, as it is 5% stronger than a three turn knot, according to the knot gurus at RIO Products. Using this knot ended my leader/tippet breakage with hot BC fish.

The majority of BC anglers use 15# Maxima for steelhead, which is OK until you try to break off a fish, like a salmon, or free yourself from a snag. A prominent Kispiox guide I fished with uses only 12# Maxima.
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