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What kind of tape do you use for the ferrules???
Thank you .

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there are a couple of threads about this---current one under RODS titled "Ferrule Tape"
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chrome-magnon man
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welcome Tom!

Many long rodders use electrical tape on their ferrules (get it at dollar stores cheap).

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It might not make too much difference to you, but I've tried a number of electrical tapes and I like the Scotch Super 33+ tape the best. Just a little more expensive, but seems good to me in all kinds of weather/temperature.
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Aside from keeping things tight, a good tape is also easier to remove. I found this magnificent clear stretch tape and was very happy using it until I fished until low light one evening and could not find the ends to remove it! Went back to the premium 3M electrical after that.
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To spend that much money for a rod and then have to tape it together is absolutely mind boggling to me.
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Consider yourself lucky to be in the modern era, Sharpes rods( the better ones) came without ferules all you had was tape to splice them together.

Willie Gunn
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Bob Meiser intro'ed me to a grand 'tape'

idea a short while back. One of his electrictions was using coloured tape in a home Bob was the General Contractor. Found the tape at B-Mart locally for about $2.50 for 5 or 6 rolls in a package.

So why red, green, etc., tape? "Everyone" has similar rods, very easy way to tell yours from 'the pack.' Especially important at a 'clave' where equipment is getting handed around.

Fred Evans - White City, Oregon
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In 1995 I was introduced to the spey rod, and had the same initial reaction to ferrule taping as you have now.

Further inquiry revealed that all ferrules, including state-of-the-art top quality ferrules, in spey rods are taped by the majority of experienced spey guys. That is just a fact--nothing one can do about it if trouble free service is desired.

The incredible performance of a spey rod cast, which attracts all of us to learning the long rod, is generated by much greater forces than are produced by a single hand rod. In particular the torque exerted on a ferrule during a spey [spey=change of direction] cast causes ferrule loosening, followed by separation, followed by failure.

The results are worth the small extra effort.

Beware of statements that Brand X or Y does not need taping. In my opinion this is a sales tactic to trap the unwary
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I simply disagree, I don't believe that ferrule loosening is something inherent to spey rods. I've seen dozens of single handed rods broken for the same exact reason. It's caused from whipping the rod without a good load on it. I believe that most of the people that tape their rods never even had a problem with their rods loosening, they just tape them because that's what they heard they were supposed to do. I've seen a lot of spey rods broken too. Almost always (in both cases, single and double) the rods were broken by someone very new to fly casting and wasn't quite getting it yet, and then hooked a salmon. That's not to say that taping is for beginners, most people seem to do well enough to keep their ferrules together (nobody tapes single handers). If your someone who started taping because you had a problem with your ferrules loosening, I'ld bet (figuratively) if you tried fishing without it now, that you won't have a problem.

I also think that checking your ferrules occasionally is probably just as easy as taping them. I have, and use, a variety of brand name spey rods and Ive never taped a single one. I've also never broken one at a ferrule (heres to hoping that I didn't just jinx myself). But I have noticed a difference (between brands) on how often they tend to loosen up a bit, particularly in the summer.

A bit of parafin wax can keep ferules in good working order.

I know quite a few very experienced spey rodders that don't tape their rods and share my opinions. I'm new to the chatroom experience but I'm not new to spey casting. I do agree about the incredible performance of a spey rod cast. I really don't mean to be argumenative, I'm just sharing my take.
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Nobody tapes single handers
I do. I have a Scott 1008 STS that has broken twice at the ferrule. No matter how you seat it, waxed or not, it loosens when fighting fish. I primarily use it for chums in the salt, there are days when it gets a lot of action. After the second trip back for repair, I started taping it.

As for taping spey rods, I know that some of my rods will loosen more than others but all potentially will loosen. In the past, I have been lazy from time to time and experienced it on a number of rods. As I have stated before, I feel that longer bellied lines (not only more grains but more stick) and certain types of casts (snake-roll) increase the chance of loosening.

To tape or not to tape is a personal decision I guess but to my way of thinking, the price of the rod should not figure into it.

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Pullin' Thread
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Like Sinktip, I also tape my single-hand rods. I started to do so when I had the tip section of a 9' 4 wt come off during a cast and land 50 feet out in Montana's Missouri River the third day I had it on the river. I had been fishing for 4 hours, starting at daybreak for the Trico hatch, and had never had a rod come apart before. After that experience, I tape every rod I own, single and 2-hand, before I make my first cast.

I've even had a 2-hander's rod section twist as the day warms up in the summer or fall with it taped and using an extended-belly line. Therefore, I not only tape, I also check the ferrules every few hours.
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This has gotten me thinking. I don't tape single handers, and I haven't had one come apart aside from a rod with a poor ferrule that since being repaired and now never comes apart. But it is common to see client's rods come apart when I am guiding, especially beginers, to the point that I double check to make sure all the rod joints are in good shape before we start. That normally solves the problem. If a rod comes apart frequently (single hander) I think it is the fault of the rod. They shouldn't have to be taped for overhead casting. Spey casts are of course a different story.

I am undecided about the taping of my spey rods, but I always check them every few hours at the most. I generally have to break my rods down to drive from run to run (no fancy rod rack that I see all over when I am out in steelhead country) and so tape would be a big pain in the hine quarters. But then again, so would a busted rod.....

Still mulling this one over..
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Pullin' Thread
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Dr. Swing,

when I use a single-hand rod, I rarely make more than one false cast, even when fishing dry flies for trout. The line is picked up, a false cast is made to reorient the casting plane, and then the cast is sent on its way. This places considerable torgue on the rod and ferrules will loosen as a result.
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Flytyer, I don't do a whole lot of false casting myself. As you know, the fish only eat you bugs when they're in the water. But as I think about it, a lot of my wade fishing involves casting either straight back up river, or a nearly 180 degree change in direction. From a boat it is all mostly rapid casts with very little change in angle. These cast don't put the twisting strain on a blank that a 90 degree change would. It is probably just a difference in the waters we are fishing and how we are fishing them.
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