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I only have 2 hands
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Single Spey yikes!

I know lessons would help but not in my budget and I have always struggled with the s.s.cast (I mean look at the initials SS) Sounds like I'm headed to camp....not the good fun kind. Anyway after pulling that hook from my right nostril (barbless is good.. always real good) I realized that I went years thinking I could make the ss work for river flowing right to left(quickly) and a light breeze going with it. It all made sense as I pulled that barbless little bugger out of the meat between my nostrils (going in from the right side as mentioned above). When the wind is pushing downstream for a right hand up river left single spey (SS heil mein watering eyes) the anchor could blow because the D loop is blowing into my right side I will end up rushing everything and end up with nose candy......not the good fun kind. And I heard Fred Evans Jeep broke down on a pizza run ...that kinda day I guess.

still wading too deep
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No matter what cast, never put your anchor on the upwind side of yourself.

And wear a hood while learning. And glasses. Maybe a fencing mask.

And then some.
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For casting practice, as opposed to fishing, dispense with the fly & tie 2 x 2" lengths of yarn to the tippet instead; it will avoid the unplanned blood-letting / decorative body piercings & allow you to concentrate on casting rather than survival.

A single spey is never a good idea in a downstream wind of any strength - & certainly not if you are learning the cast. The alternative is to cast double spey left hand up, or a cack handed double spey where your right hand stays up but you cross your bodywith your arms [my preferred solution as my left shoulder starts to hurt {old injury} if I cast left hand up for any length of time].

Other wise use a snap T or Circle C or similar as the waterbourne anchor shouldn't skip & so minimise the risk of impalement. Also if mid way through a cast you feel it getting away from you just drop the rod & let the line collapse safely onto the water & start again; also wear safety glasses, you only get 1 pair of eyes!

Regards, Tyke.
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For what its worth (minus the above warnings about the wind, which are of course a given) I find the SS the least dangerous feeling cast. Hardest to do well, but reasonably safe. Just never use a fly until you can cast yarn first. When I first started I practiced for around 2-3 months regularly with yarn before I fished a certain cast - a bit much but it got me into the confidence realm way before I started using live ammo. Just don't get lazy and EVER try to cast on your upwind side. Very easy at the beginning to want to go with the side you feel most comfortable with and be damned, and that is how you get skewered.

Maybe also work your way slowly up increasing the angle of your single speys. Maybe master the snake roll first - much easier IMO - and bigger angles are not a problem.
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I only have 2 hands
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Yes it was for sure an angle issue with,of course,the wind being wrong.I think it was too much direction change. I was pushing it too far for too long mostly because thats my style. Amazed at how long I got away with breaking all the rules.I only have enough time in life to fish with hooks can't bring myself to throwing yarn . But that fencing mask is a very good idea. I always wear a hat and glasses. It is slowly getting better with ss I am enjoying the challenge. I love the snake roll it is my strongest toss in the arsenal.I even like it backhand oddly enough.And I have an ugly but effective sustained anchor snake that works good with skagit heads as well. Thanks for all the great advice as usual friends.

still wading too deep
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post #6 of 12 (permalink) Old 08-25-2015, 05:42 AM
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Try pure Göran Andersson Underhand! IMO there is definite and even bigger difference between "underhand" and "modern scandi" than between scandi and "classic spey" and I don't mean how arms are used of forward cast but how the back cast is performed and how it is achieved.

Head length max 2.5 times rod length and at least rod length of mono leader which makes lifting line and turning casting direction easy. Anchor holds well but leaves water easy so casting distance does not suffer too much. But the biggest difference is the back cast which is done using very upright rod up to 60 decrees and can be done very slow and controlled manner which increase consistency and makes Single Spey very very easy.

When leader is so long the fly lands far in front of you and can not hit you. Also casting when wind comes from the rod side is possible in quite strong wind as you can lower rod angle when bringing line to the D-loop just increasing back cast speed slightly so anchor lands further up river and wind. Also you can do forward cast using rod angle tilted lower to avoid line hit you.

If you use same rod of course when line head is shorter and lighter the casting range is less than what current scandi heads produce. Also because of very long leader fly cannot be too big and it should have some weight against fly wind resistance so that fly can pull leader straight but that is what cains some distance back. Weighted fly behind thin mono leader sinks better than non weighted fly behind sinking line but if you need to fish very deep the combination of weighted fly and fast sinking shooting head is most efficient.

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Unhappy Hell of it is the electrical system went 'toes up' in my driveway.

Originally Posted by MT Box View Post
And I heard Fred Evans Jeep broke down on a pizza run ...that kinda day I guess.
Key in, turn and ''flash' behind the dash board. Suspect this is going to cost me some serious money.

Just pulled out my auto insurance card to call my carrier to confirm I've got towing coverage.


Fred Evans - White City, Oregon
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I'm sure an instructor would rather see how you do this single spey - up to the forward stoke at least. You mention a light wind but there will always be wind. A light wind should not be allowed to affect the cast this much and it is perfectly safe in the wind when done correctly. Considerable wind-gusts are completely different. I believe there is something going on very early - during the lift and sweep.
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I use the single spey in downstream wind conditions often, it's quite wind tolerant if done right.

it's not the wind, it's the cast as fishon4evr said.

Almost for certain your not getting good back cast alignment and the combination of slack and centrifugal force is bringing the line into the danger zone
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Boss fly lines.
Revolution Spey Casting.
CF Burkheimer.
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post #10 of 12 (permalink) Old 09-07-2015, 01:15 AM Thread Starter
I only have 2 hands
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Everyone thank you!!!!!

I have been taking your advice,all posters.What a gift you all are!!! The Single Spey is going much better. 7 out of 10 S. Spey casts are zipping sweetly and the three that miss are not life threatening. Something was going wrong early and I found it. It was in the sweep. Not enough lateral arc....for lack of better terms..... If I make my sweep with a tiny bit more lateral arc it sets the touch out to my right front side safely not terribly far from where the snap T would anchor. Thanks fish0n4evr. And that is helping align the backcast better thanks speyforsteel. I can feel the line staying tight like it should no crazy slack! The older I get the less dangerous the simple things become. I realized today at a certain point when I sat down and my heart was thumping like I had run down the river that I was fishing too hard. Even though though my toughest cast has finally come around. Oh well It was worth it.

still wading too deep
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post #11 of 12 (permalink) Old 09-07-2015, 01:33 AM
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Thumbs down Worse Yet the danged thing just died on me again!

Originally Posted by MT Box View Post
And I heard Fred Evans Jeep broke down on a pizza run ...that kinda day I guess.
No Pizza run this time just my shopping list for Walmart. Last time the Auto Electric shop went through the Jeep's wiring system and couldn't find a single thing wrong!

I think its time for me to 'Junk the Jeep' and get another car. Last place I need to get stuck is on some river bank.


Fred Evans - White City, Oregon
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I don't cast T&G much anymore (only when playing with one of Fred's new toys ) so I can't really make any claims about it but,,,when I did,,,I picked up on a couple of tricks from Henrik Mortensen. He positions his feet the same as his hands, that is, top hand foot forward, underhand foot to the rear, feet/body pointing in direction of the cast. This allows him to shift his body weight from front to back & then forward again during the cast. While at the Sandy Clave, he once demonstrated how little arm movement was necessary to execute a single spey cast. Other than the lift, and the follow through, he did it all with body english!

I fish because the voices inside my head tell me to.
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