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Northeast spey claves

New to the spey pages. really enjoying all the info. on lines ,rods and etc. as I am fairly new to spey casting. was wondering if there are ever any Northeast spey claves to attend to get more instruction and try different rods and lines. Thanks for any input.
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Thumbs up r.e.northeast spey claves

I know there have been a few in the past. Anything coming up?
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I would be interested in a NE clave and would probably bring one of my buddies too.
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add my name the list two...looks like NE clave will be tough to pull off without any suport from shops or rod mfgs. Perhaps anyone in the New England care to form a small group and hire an instructor?
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We need to bat around some ideas concerning:

Time: THeres a few claves in the fall so sponsors might nto want to go you yet another new one. SPring might be better
As a first time we can't have it too long, but we want it long enough so its worth people's while.

Location: Good centralized location with
Area for company reps to set up and show their wares
adjacent to LARGE grassy casting area
very close to a river bank
With camping close by or good parking
A state park would be ideal

A host:
THis should be a big club, fly shop, or ???? who will secure the space and invite guests.

We need someone(s) with contacts or sway with rod companies. Line companies etc.

We need someone to convince reps that the NE will be the next big market for Spey casting, especially since a lot of these companies are based in the West and it will cost them something to ship out their stuff just for us to look at.

Ideally we should find out if these companies have reps in the NE and contact those reps and get them excited about such an event.

We should also point out to these companies that if they don't make the effort; Orvis, T&T, COrtland/Hardy, and Albright will take over the market in the NE. SOme might say why do we need these western companies? Maybe we don't. But I think that Western companies better cover the gammet of what's out there because they've been serving the spey markeet for a longer period of time. For example: Who sells switch rods? Meiser, Beulah, and Sage... all NW companies. Who sells skagit rods? etc. It would be good for people to see everything that's out there. Just an opinion. Please don't flame me.

R.B. Meiser*
C.F. Burkheimer *
Hook and Hackle*
*Personal favs

We are going to need some demos or talks.
Ideally, these should be bigger names in the spey world.
To make it worth their while we can either find a sponsor to pay for their ticket out and rental care or we can help them to arrange for lessons while they are you so they at least break even.
If they give a talk for an hour, they can then give paid lessons during the rest of the clave if they choose or they can come a few days early or leave a few days late to give lessons. Heck, if there's enough interest they could come for a week to give lessons/classes
Some casters could also be reps, in that case it might not be as big a concern.
Either way, we need to work with these people to make it worth their while.

Such as:
Mike Kinney
Tim Rajeff
Steve Rajeff
Dec Hogan
Steve Choate
Ed Ward
Al Buhr
Mark Bachmann
George Cook
Scott O'Donnell
Mike McCune
Leroy Teeple
Ron Lauzon
Tom Larimer
Josh Linn
Henrik Mortensen
Simon Gawesworth
or any FFF certified two handed instructor

Need people interested in going more than anything. We need to have people go to every FF club and shop in a 150 mile radius and convince them that spey is a great tool and not a fad. And most of all that this is gonna be a fun time.

Been to a few such Claves and recently relocated to the NE, so Im happy to advise anyone interested in sponsoring such an event.
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Idea for NE Spey Clave

Count me in as well, perhaps I can assist assembling some of the pieces of this great idea , thanks to jeffP , sloan and others for your interest!

I own , our company is really geared toward the expansion of Fly Fishing through education & marketing. Although we are a small company, we would be willing to offer our time to get it off the ground and we are located in Connecticut. In terms of promotion, we can help with that, we assists fly fishing, conservation & veterans organizations gain awareness and help with fund raising & marketing.
A little self promothion about AFF, although we are a for profit company we donate all our profits after taxes & expenses to FlyFishing, U.S. Veterans and Conservation Organizations , a la "Newman's Own"
Our mission at AFF, "Fly Fishing promotes & enhances the following:
1. A Great Educational tool- casting, flytying , entemology, fish life cycles
2. Conservation Education: cold water ( ), warm water and salt water resources ( )
3. Recuperative tool: breast cancer ( ), wounded warriors ( ) , Warriors & Quiet Waters and other 501c3's that use flyfishing as a "healing tool"
4. Family togetherness: Fathers & sons, mom's and daughters, Grand Fathers an Uncles and Aunts can experience great times with their family.
5. FlyFishing & Fly casting is fun, especially with 2 hands!

This NE Spey Clave is really a great idea, we are sponsored by Echo Fly rods and AirFlo so we can certainly ask them and see what they think as well as their schedule. Tim Rajeff, is the US distributor for both of these companies and knows many of the players, perhaps we can see if he can assist in the "big picture". I am assuming we would try to have the NE Spey Clave next Spring or maybe this Winter. Sloan has many of the topics covered, if you want to have a meeting or conference call to get things off the ground, l suggest a conference call.
I have to run, more later. Chuck Bellingrath
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When making a list of casters probably best to name Dana of the speypages

Anyway shops are not going to be interested until it is proven there is interest. That is how it works in the northwest when claves started, just spey junkies getting together and shooting the **** and casting.

I have been knee deep in my new startup so have not been as active casting or fishing this summer as I wanted to but really this will have to be a grassroots thing. A big sandy clave thing just aint going to fly. There is 5% of the casters here I bet compared to back home. Yes newbes do come out to the events but for the most part spey addicts are the ones who attend the most. We just do not have many out here...yet.

Start small and then think about getting bigger. Starting big is just going to lead to dissapointment.

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Totally agree, Sean! It will definitely have to be small. My listing was of possible options/ideas, not a final list.
I figured if we invited all those companies, we'd be lucky to get 5 to show. If we invited all those casters, we'd be lucky to get 4 to show, luckier to have one a big name. Etc.

But I think we need to have a really good small clave to get the ball rolling for future years. I think we need to have to try to avoid 5 guys sitting on a tailgate in a parking lot talking shop as it will detract newbs and retailers. I mean, it would be a great time, but Id like to introduce it to a wider audience, and I'd like to motivate that guy that's a little far away to come the extra distance.

I'd like Mike "Redshed/Poppy" Cummins to be consulted. His Clave is in its infacny but is madly successful.
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this is a fine idea and i don't think we would have too much trouble getting people to come, the past claves we have done in NY prove this point. there are more spey casters around this part of the NE because of the GL fishery than maybe there is in New England. the last one was held on the Salmon in Pulaski which seemed like a good central location but tough to find a suitable spot. the Douglaston was used last time and it was OK but the distance from the grounds to the river was a little discouraging for the vendors and such as most of the folks stayed down on the river. i have zero interest in orginazing such an event but i would be willing to participate and represent the companies we sell with products to test drive and the like (i.e. rods from Scott, T&T and Echo). the timing is getting very late to organize this but if you get on it right away it could happen. i'm all ears.

support your local tyers and the shops that support them
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Our local central Maine Orvis fly shop has been hosting a small spey class for the last few years on the Kennebec and thus we have a small group of Maine spey casters who would probably be up for a NE clave.

Juro and his group of speycasters from the Boston area would probably come too.

And, as a side note, I picked up a Meiser switch rod a few years ago when I went to observe at the Spey O Rama, and now a couple of other Maine spey casters have Meiser rods too. His reputation is already spreading in Maine and he hasn't been here yet!

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Northeast spey clave

Wow, seems like there is some interest in a NE spey clave. Sloan and all great suggestions. I was thinking that maybe the Merimack River near Manchester might be a central location. I believe the old Hunter's in New Boston ,NH held some spey classes on the Merimack. I can try to get some info from Dan at Stone River Outfitters about this and they might be interested in some association with a clave. Also, what about Topher Brown he works for LL Bean and I took a class from him and he is not only a great caster but a very good instructor. As for a time what about early May of 08 ? Would give us time to get thing organized . All suggestions welcome. I am planning on fishing the Clearwater River this Nov and could talk with Mike at the Red Shed. Have spoken with him on the phone and he has been very helpful I am sure he would have suggestions. Thanks to all for the interest maybe this is doable. jeffp
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Next spring sounds like a good idea to build up some interest. Would rather not have to drive to pulaski for the event though. The merimack where they have held past classes is a great spot.

The speypages would be happy to sponsor as well and we can help get gear together from our sponsor list. Pretty sure I can get most of the west coast companies to send some gear. Lord knows I have enough alone for a couple concurrent claves...

If we do it late May I may even be able to drag Dana over for the weekend since we could get some striper fishing in as well. Bet Juro and Topher would be up for it as well to do some demos.

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Yes, yes, do it.

Do it anywhere that is within 10 hrs or less from Pa. Do it any time of year.

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Northeast Spey Clave

I would certainly look forward to a Northeast Spey Clave in 2008. I have participated in two Spey Claves (Merrimack River, Concord, N.H. and the Catt Clave in Gowanda, N.Y). We had a pretty good turnout for both events. The Merrimack River during the month of May would work best for me.

I no longer work for L.L. Bean here in Maine. I resigned as Head Instructor of the L.L. Bean Spey Casting School when both the L.L. Bean Retail Store and the L.L. Bean Catalog refused to carry "Spey to Z," the Spey Casting DVD that Way Yin, Greg Pearson, and I filmed on the Deschutes River with 3M/Scientific Anglers, Scott Rods, Simms Fishing Products, C.C. Filson, and Maui Jim as our principal sponsors.

I now teach privately here in Southern Maine. Henrik Mortensen and I are planning a Spey Casting and Spey Fishing School in Canada next June providing we are able to generate sufficient interest!


Topher Browne
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N E Spey Clave

Sorry to hear you are no longer working at LL Bean. My wife and I meet you the first time on the Margaree River in October we were fishing with Ed McCarty and I also had a casting lesson with you a couple of years ago. I started this thread with the idea that a spey clave would be possible. I am willing to organize this if there are others in the area who willing to help out. Your assistance in a spey event would be great . I called Stone River Outfitters about helping out and they did not seem that interested. I am not sure how to get this rolling so any help would be appreciated. I think Concord or Manchester would be a good central location and according to the folks at Stone River there is a great park area on the Merrimack to hold this event.
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