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Spey-O-Rama 2008

The Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club, San Francisco, California, USA, has scheduled its popular Spey-O-Rama for Friday through Sunday, April 18 - 19 - 20, 2008. These dates will not change.

Set your schedules; save the dates. Everyone is welcome at this unique international fun-filled event.

To provide more water availability during the event, Two Hand Certification [THCI] will take place Monday, April 21, 2008.
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chrome-magnon man
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love to come along next year but unfortunately those dates conflict with my Spey Week on the Skeena. I'll cross my fingers for 2009.

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We'll miss you Dana.
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Spey-O-Rama 2008


Thanks for your update. I am free.

So now dates is set. How about competition rules?

Are there any changes on the competition rules? 2 casts vs 4 casts? Back casting room change? Is Poke still allowed in 2008?

Please let us know ASAP if there is any change in the rules so participants can plan accordingly.

Looking promising..... SOR 2008


Simon Hsieh
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You promised to join the GGACC when SOR's 2008 date was posted. Have you joined?

How about Doug?

We will be proud to list you two as GGACC members.

Thanks for your great past participation. I belive you have a good chance to wear the crown one day.
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Rules for SOR 2008

Rules for SOR 2008 are being discussed by Nelson Ishiyama and his competition committee. They will be posted here as soon as decided.

Your question about use of the Perry Poke is an interesting one. It is fascinating how this Skagit-developed technique was used by Gordon Armstrong in his first place finishes at SOR 2006 [tied with Mariusz Wroblewski] and SOR 2007 [solo].

I was told [not an official statistic] that 26 of the contestants at SOR 2007 used the Perry Poke.

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Now that is indeed interesting!Even the guys from the other side!Why has Willi been so silent on that?I guess Ed was correct when he talked up its power[ a number of years ago]!What are we going to do now?Ban it?Or,pair it with a proper wine?Beau
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Le perfect comment!
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loco alto!
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considering how much effort Ed has made at distinguishing skagit casting from spey casting, it might be fair to say that indeed the poke is not a "spey" cast, and therefore should not be allowed at "Spey"-o-rama!

semantics aside, I think the poke lowers the bar, and is bad for SOR in the long run.

The acts of setting a precise anchor and redirecting a dynamic line are two critical challenges in spey casting. These challenges are precisely why many beginners first learn the snap-T/circle spey. Likewise the poke masterfully allows anglers of all skill levels to circumvent anchor placement and change-of-direction challenges. In my opinion, eliminating or circumventing these challenges via poke also defeats what little purpose there is to a spey casting competition - to set and achieve a very high bar.

2 cents.

CF Burkheimer fly rods advisory staff
Nextcast lines pro staff
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Rules, Spey-O-rama 2008

Well say Steve.

Contestants are competing with a SKILL of changing direction in spey casting. With required changing direction, the measured distances value the ranking of contestants. That is why 40 degree change direction required at the first place. Otherwise, free of rules would be a desirable ground for all.

Sorry Bob. I didn't spot this thread until Monday. Otherwise, I would head over there, and gave you a check. I guess I have to give you next time I am there.

Golden Gate Casting Club, here I come.


Simon Hsieh

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Joining GGACC online

GGACC welcomes your membership at our online site:


Welcome, Simon!
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Competition Casting

So if the Perry Poke is ruled illegal in competion casting because it is not a dynamic repositioning of the (anchor) line, does that mean the Double Spey, one of the most traditional casts is also to be banned? After all, it repositions the anchor much the same as the poke. Only off the other shoulder.

You may as well say that only single spey and snake roll are allowed. Mind you the snake roll is not a "traditional" cast either. But then neither is graphite. Or any modern flyline.

Unruley winds are a fact of life at GGCAC. Wind direction, the ability to cast off either shoulder, is after all, why these different casts were developed in the first place. What would happen if one were to use the the Wild Turkey, aka: Blue Creek Special cast in place of the single spey? How about the circle, or snap-t? Would the contestant be disqualified? Or would the cast be ruled illegal the following year?

I fish because the voices inside my head tell me to.
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SS and Simon,

I disagree with your views of the Poke.

Faukus pretty much described such as a "contrived loop" in his spey casting books.

From my experience, it takes just as much skill to place the Poke as an anchor as any other spey cast. You can't just throw it out there in any way shape or form and make a good cast. Yes a cast, but a huge distance cast, no way!

What next, you won't be able to take the rod much over your head as in the current Ness style?

Think you are making this into too big of a deal.

If you really want to level the playing field, then go to everyone casts the exact same rod, same line, and same style of cast.

Let's not get too serious here.

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I'm definitely going to side with SSPey and Simon on this.

With the poke, it essentially becomes a switch cast competition. There are other competitions for this. In the rules and planning for SOR 2007, there was text regarding a more substantial barrer behind the caster potentially making a long belly poke less practical, so it seems that GGACC may have already intended to discourage the poke.

I don't see the poke as similar to a double spey, or a snap-T. The poke specifically aligns the line with the casting target, setting the caster up for a proper 180 degree D/V-loop. The double and snap don't do that, they merely set the anchor, not align the whole line.

This setting up for a 180 D-loop is, IMO, the great benefit of the poke. And, in that, it converts a change-of-direction cast into a cast that is not much different than a switch cast. As I stated, there are other great competitions for switch casts. At SOR 2007 I heard that the international casters value SOR for its great challenge: casting nearly waist-deep in the water, minimum room for the D-loop, and the significant change of direction. To eliminate the change-of-direction challenge devalues SOR, in my opinion. I think it will be a great event regardless, because of the club and the participants, but the casting is less challenging with the poke.

--Bill Koran

P.S. We already have SOR 2008 on the calendar. The rules won't affect our (or at least my kids') hopeful participation in this great, challenging, and fun event, but they could change how we practice.

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"Cookie Monster"
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What casts are allowed in competions in other countries. If the "Poke" is not allowed, what is their reasoning? Since first using the poke in San Francisco in 2006, has Gordon used in in other competions? I know he did not use it before because I think the first time he tried the cast was the day before the 2006 competion. Should there be casting standards which are representitve of specific skill levels. What is Spey O Rama to represent in relation to or competions throughout the world? Is there an international standard?
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