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Saturday, the 8th, Curt was on The Outdoor Line radio show discussing Occupy Skagit. Here is a link to the podcast:

During the event at the park I have reserved the open shelter that we used last year. As I recall it has some or one BBQ facility in case anyone is interested. There are others spread around the park also.

As I've mentioned before, the event at the park is a great time, tons of fun, and a perfect time to catch up with old friends while trying to garner some public and media attention. But the serious work of Occupy Skagit gets done in Olympia. The commissioners meeting is the one place where your voice gets heard, noticed and recorded. You get to look the movers and shakers of WDFW right in the eye and tell them what you want. These are the guys that decide and direct what gets priority in the department.

As you might guess there is an enormous amount of attention directed toward harvest opportunities statewide that keeps these commissioners occupied full time. A little ole C&R fishery up north that is shut down for no logical reason is not even on the back burner. And as far as the feds go, it is probably safe to say that it is not even in the kitchen. We can change that.

The format at the meeting is that you arrive early, fill out a quick form to be allowed to speak to them. All very formal and timed. You are allowed three minutes to say your piece. You don't have to speak for three minutes you can give them as brief of a statement, or question, as you like.

I would also point out that speaking is NOT required. As I recall there are about 30-40 chairs in the room and lots of standing room. When I speak I am going to ask the crowd to raise a hand if their attendance is Skagit related. If you can show up and do that, it will means just as much, if not more as any statement you might make.

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