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post #1 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-12-2000, 10:13 PM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
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Originator: DanaDate: 1/12/2000 7:13 PM
Hi all! Just thought I'd take a moment to let you know what's up here.

I set this up to give us (and anyone else you think might find this subject interesting) a place to exchange ideas in a public forum. I "borrowed" Jim Vincent's casting video title for the name because I think it best reflects what we've been involved in over the past few years--discussions about the diverse international methods that have come to be collectively known as "Spey Casting".

I've put the word out to several people I have corresponded with about this subject, and hope that you will share this site address and info with others.

To get things rolling, I was wondering how each of us actually defines the term "Spey cast"
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post #2 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-13-2000, 01:00 AM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,411
Originator: Per StadighDate: 1/12/2000 10:00 PM

Hello Dana,

Nice idea this. I hope this is the embryo to something larger. Often one finds the "soup a bit thin" on the other boards  when it comes to fishing for anadromous salmonoids - at least when one is as single minded as I am.

My definition of a Spey cast?

This is tough. From my European angle I feel that the word "spey" is over inflated over on your side. To call all double handed rods "Spey" rods, which appears to be the trend right now is sad. A fine old tradition is rapidly becoming nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

We more speak of double handed rods and all the different casts that can be made with them. It is true that Speycasting is an important branch of this, but here it is far from the religion which it appears to develop into on the American/Canadian West coast.

I think the Swedish "casting guru" Goran Andersson was clever when he named his modern spey cast the "Underhand cast". I know him well, and rely much on his cast for my own fishing. Using rather short shooting-heads it differs significantly from the long lines seen in more traditional Spey casting. By naming it out of the "Spey" family focus is put on development and fresh ideas rather then clinging to stale tradition.

All of us used full length lines in the 70's and early 80's - we (I talk for most Scandinavians now) have developed away from them. A line like the Rio Windcutter is getting closer to were we are today - but even that line would do better for me if the head was another few yards shorter and the running line replaced by an even thinner and slicker shooting line.

I have made a few points here. Hope to get some eager replies. One thing is for sure - there is nothing like one truth in all this.

Thanks again for strting this, Dana!


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post #3 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-13-2000, 11:19 PM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,411
Originator: Bart LeetDate: 1/13/2000 8:19 PM
Hi Dana, Per, and others!

Whew! Just flew in from Ontario, and boy, are my arms tired! What I mean is it seemed a bit cumbersome to get here, but here I am, nonetheless. Hope this forum takes off, and thanks for setting it up Dana.

I'm an indifferent spey caster, and count a spey cast as any non-overhead cast made with my little 2 hander that doesn't throttle me or leave the hook in the back of my head. This is more owing to lack of practice than anything, as I have had the pleasure of attending one of Derek Brown's workshops, which was both enjoyable and educational. I also have his video tape: Spey Masterclass, which is not surprising, since my company, The Usual Press, publishes and distributes the video in North America. So there's the disclaimer and my bias. But still, I hope to pick up some help and other techniques from chatting to other casters, and vow to spend more time out with the double hander in the year 2000 for my local steelhead in the rivers running into the Great Lakes.

I guess my first question in the forum relates to lines. Without splicing up my own custom lines, what commercial tapers are favoured by traditional spey casters? My further restriction on recommendations relates to line weight: I use the Sage 7130, which is rated for a 7 weight.

Ian Martin, aka Bart Leet
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post #4 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-14-2000, 01:53 AM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,411
Originator: AndreDate: 1/13/2000 10:53 PM

I simply define the spey cast as. A cast that uses the rod to place the fly line and fly into positions that the caster may excute a safe roll cast.

While there are different types single, double, snap T, ... types of (n)spey casts they all position the line and the fly to be roll cast forward.

(BTW, because I know the names does not mean I can execute these casts)
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post #5 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-15-2000, 01:54 AM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,411
Originator: DanaDate: 1/14/2000 10:54 PM
I've tried all of the available lines out there for the 7136 and I think that the Wulff TT Spey 7/8 is as good as any of them. You might cut a few feet off the front end if you want to turn over larger flies when fishing a dry line.

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post #6 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-15-2000, 04:35 AM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
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Originator: kispioxDate: 1/15/2000 1:35 AM

i haven't fished the wulf lines but i am sold on the sa (scientific american) mastery spey line.  i am also informed that sa or whoever makes their line also makes the wulf line.  i believe that the dimensions are the same for both, as well, i.e. approx. 80' head with 40' of running line.  as to the 7136 sage, the 8-9 sa spey line works just dandy and is a perfect match, as far as this ol' boy is concerned.  likewise, the sa 10-11 is perfect for the sage 8150-4.

thanks, dv


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post #7 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-18-2000, 08:45 PM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,411
Originator: BrianDate: 1/18/2000 5:45 PM

Hi to lots of familiar names here (Andre, Per from VFS, Ian from [email protected])

There's so much confusion about "Spey" casting that I'm almost in league with Per on this one - chuck the Spey designation and just deal with the individual casts.  Defining what is or is not traditional-effective-challenging differs from one individual to the next. 

The cry "That's not Really Spey Casting" has been heard directed to guys lobbing slinkies on monofilament with a spey rod, others casting shooting heads, and even those incorporating new (not "traditional") casts like the Snake Roll or Snap T or using the stiffer (not traditional "Spey" action) rods.

For my part, I'll define spey casting as any cast (other than a straight roll cast) made with a flyline that doesn't require an backcast. 

The vast range of conditions we encounter on the river (obstructions behind us, upstream or downstream wind, etc etc) make knowing a wide variety of casts beneficial.  I've learned a few of the wide variety of spey casts and find that each contributes to my enjoyment by making me more adaptable.  Am looking forward to learning more and hearing the wit and wisdom of others on this forum.

Brian (waiting for the spring Natives)

Seattle, WA

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post #8 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-25-2000, 01:02 AM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,411
Originator: SinktipDate: 1/24/2000 10:02 PM
I agree with Brian. Spey casting to me is any cast that is not overhead. This would include single and double spey as well as the snap-t and the other hybrid's that I can list but never perform. I bought my first double-handed rod last summer after input from some of the members of this board. So far it has swam a few summer runs, a couple of silvers and chum and yesterday, a winter buck.

Dana, I want to thank you for starting this board. It is nice to see a site devoted to this method as opposed to scouring the other sites for anything Spey related. I look forward to learning more about double handed rods and their uses.

Duggan Harman
aka Sinktip
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post #9 of 9 (permalink) Old 01-25-2000, 03:21 AM Thread Starter
Join Date: Feb 2002
Posts: 3,411
Originator: BrianDate: 1/25/2000 12:21 AM

Hi Per,

Just wondering - could you describe the Underhanded cast you mentioned?  I'm guessing it might be like the Spiral Roll Cast, only with a Shooting Head instead of an Extended Belly/DT line.


Brian Lencho

Seattle, WA

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