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Salmon River NY experts.. I have a ? for u

Well I am making the 8hr drive to the salmon river tomorrow. Never fished it, seen it. Or have any idea what to expect other than what I have seen and read on the internet. My biggest concern right now is the flow. It is sitting at 428cfs with hopes that it might go up with the rain on Monday. Is this enough water to make the 8hr drive? If so I plan on floating the river at least 2 of the 4 days I will be out there. Any suggestions on sections to float that roll over some good swing water.

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There is enough water and fish to make the drive.Having never seen it or fished it the upper part of the river from Altmar to Pineville is the easiest float in low water.And it also will be the most crowded as well.With the nicer weather and lower water flows fair weather anglers still there.

There is good swinging water just upstream from the Pineville ramp , as well as dowstream when if you plan on wading.If you plan on wading, then downstream from Pineville ramp , and mid to lower river is a good bet.Plan on covering lots of water and seems like from my friends I've talked to up there fish are still setting up in the riffles and pocket water stuff.Water temp. still up enough for them not to set up in winter water mode.

When you arrive stop into Whitakers Sports Store and Motel.Great people work there and will get you in the right direction. They also have a map on their website marking angler access points and ramps. they have also have water flow links at the top of their daily reports page.Sounds like 335 being released from the powerhouse if the flow is 400 and change

Good luck ! I'm heading up there next friday first time fishing since I moved back to NH in late Feb. after living there for 8 years.
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Thanks for the pointers...I will for sure to stop in to whitakers

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drop me a pm...

..when you get here, I may up for a day on the water this week. I will be on the water all day Sunday if you arrive early enough. Def plenty of fish spread out right now and worth the drive weather forecast looks decent although we could use a snap
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I don't know man. The place is a ZOO. Fished Friday with nothing. There are fish around but they are getting POUNDED by people. You can find spots to swing, but if you're like me and want to fish a few different runs in a day, good luck. There's just too many people.

Sorry to be such a naysayer. Just my opinion. And from someone that fishes the SR 2-3 times per week, I'd say I've got a pretty strong (and sometimes) accurate opinion.
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SpeyNate...I just got off the phone with someone who fished today. Granted it is the weekend but he said it has been exactly that..A ZOO! and water is CLEAR!!..We shall see.. I might just wait a couple more weeks and hope it gets some rain and the crowds thin a little.

You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity

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It'll thin out a little when deer season opens next weekend.

A lot I hope, but even a little would help.
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I just came home from there yesterday and SpeyNate has it right. You might do OK with a driftboat(hitting spots that "walk in" fisherman don't often get to) but, if wading, you'll be spending a lot more of your time just looking for a vacant place to fish, than you will in actual, productive, fishing!
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As Nate stated,it is a zoo.As far as drifting to a less busy spot,there has been no such animal like since mid September.Weather has been way to nice.Need a good old early season lake effect snow storm.3 feet and 20 degrees would work.

As far as fish,its loaded.Look to use something different to swing.The fish here see the same general thing floating by 1000 times a day.Mix it up,and change out often.The water is low and clear.When its like this I go with 6 or even 4 Ib floro. tippet.Sounds lite,and it is,but with the fish being so line shy,it helps.Just have to keep checking the tippet for any damage. With minimum space to swing with the crowds,a 90 degree cast across and a big mend when you hit the water will have your fly in fishing mode from the get-go.

Malindas in Altmar is a great place for info.She will help you set up with whats working.One stop shopping fly and spey shop.

Good luck

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Fishnski...the water on the SR is always clear unless the tribs are running high and there has been a strong rain. Even when they raise the water 500 cfs the water can still be clear.

Hopefully there is some heavy rain. I'll only be home for two weeks and this water needs to come up at least 350CFS!

Anyone been out lately? Hopefully the weather is nice and miserable so all the light weights stay at home and I can have the river to myself during the week.
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This thread is valuable to me; so thanks all. My favorite ny stream is onthe way up and muddy-ing it looks like, more driving is in store-- strong possiblity.

If anyone that lives there wants to float it on Tues./Wed., (swinging only) PM me.

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Returned yesterday from a quick trip up.Weekend , nice weather , and low water = very busy with people. Found enough room to work some water. Many guys would anchor in one spot to fish almost all day.If I fished a spot for a short time and found no players and left you can bet atleast 2 guys would be there after and not move.

Need some water and nasty weather.And I'd wait a day or 2 after an increase in flow, there's alot of leaves just waiting to be flushed downstream
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Sr 11/18-19

flow is still too low from optimum at 335. indeed need water to push in the players. with fishing the only winter tourist money (except snowmobiling) ya think the chamber of commerce would be able shake up the dam controller in a way to turn the faucet up a little, at least for the weekends.

i arrived on the river a little late bout 6:15, clearly too late to expect to fish water in lower flyzone through ellis cove. my friends flaked so i was alone after 4 hour drive throught the night.

I fished willow pool above pineville, swung secret concoction called egg sucking GP. also swung classics on size 3,7 low water profiles. finally dialed in tip to 10 ft type III poly leader thingy. everything else was too heavy once got into swing zone.

NADA. few gear guys with occasinal hookups in the head, one guy had a nice fish out of the pocket water, but was otherwise quiet.

Then hit rt 2A bridge down river. no love. then off to sportsmans pool north. nice water but really bumpy rhythym as i had to pull out as soon as i got some line out as had to skip over stationary gear guys stationed every 30 yards. had a nice fish on, jumped twice and unbuttoned itself from debarbed size 3 dragons tooth. bow to the king, slack line, and she was off.

went back to the willow to swing the opposite side from the packed in gear guys...nada

pros: great weather, saw fish, had one on, found some reasonably unpelted water amongst ZOO of people, enjoyed fishing low water with classics

cons: Zoo of people, didnt even want to look upriver cuz of the crowds. most guys were indie fishing with every dh rod i saw. the guys fishing indie with the dh rods in my holes were on eggsacs (bait). I saw one guy swinging and we managed to cast-step 100+ yards away from each other so never ran into each other. would have liked to say hi if that was anyone on this board. river has been 335 for a few weeks now, i suspect most of the fish are dour and settled in at the heads under the gear guys. need water and snow to move fish and thin the crowds.

my 4 hour drive home initially was one of dissappointment in very slow action, but as the music and miles poured into my soul, i began to relax, relish the time i had away from work stress, screaming twin toddlers, and that for 2 days i had my home grown flies under oily looking water with my hands fixed to softly soiled cork grips of my spey set up. and today i think of a few more patterns to improve on before i get my next chance to wet a line.

ironically the spey fest done here in the summer has increased interest in winter chrome, just thought with all the dh rods going off the shelf, id see more people swinging. everyone i saw except one other guy were firmly planted in every bucket doing the dead drift thing. too much of a combat thing up there to confront anyone about what lowholing is. the precident firmly implanted about fishing where your feet find a spot and dont move unless fear of someone stepping in.

someone call a wah!mbulance.. serve me cheese with my whine.

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Maybe I

Was below Pineville on Friday, stepped down with someone who was casting a Wooly Bugger on a Green (Skagit). I had using a Spade or Lady Caroline and using a Scandi (Blue) on Type 3 tips.

Nada on Friday.

Raised 4 on Thursday, until the guide floated and rowed over the hole. Blue Spade on Type 3 tips.

Raised a Brown on Wednedsay. Olive-Brown-Yellow Spade on an Intermediate tip.

Learnt some new techniques, including 3Cs - Cast, Catch, Cast. On a AJ 1.5 Lady Caroline, a small and very healthy 8" brown took the fly with little tug or fight. So, had a few problems with setting the anchor with the small brown on.

Left Friday for the Fly-Tying Symposium.

Still enjoyed myself, would have had more found if the crowds are done.

Like to see the limit to be 1 or less.
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