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The easiest way to eliminate line twist is to use these plastic swivels:

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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Thanks for the feedback and the suggestions. One point to be clear on, the twists and tangles aren't really my main concern. I have had more issues at times with that, mostly when hip deep in swift waters and trying to shoot a lot of line. The thing that has me concerned is the line falling apart (the ridge lines that is). In seeking to replace them I've been in a bit of an uncertain mind; as so far nothing really stands out of the pack for me. I don't think I've been overly hard on them, though they are certainly not babied either (I do like to fish!). Had one of them warranted, but showing the lines to a few shops had everyone perplexed, when I asked if there was something in my casting that could lead to such damage the responses were unanimous in saying no. Dunno? Sounds like some others have had some issues with both Rio and Airflo, but no one I've heard from has had so many go south.

I'm hoping to stop by the shop tomorrow, and if I hear anything new I'll share it here.
Ive had problems with two Airflo Ridge running lines before: They split right along the ridges - lengthwise from the loop back. As much as ten feet on the first one then again with the warranty-replacement in the same way and area, so Ive stopped using them. Now I have SGS's MendMaster or running lines cut out of Delta spey lines. This sort of wear-tear has gone away since and I only deal with the usual cracks at the loops. Not that Ive ever experienced twist as a result of casting or stripping line, but MendMaster is nice-n-thick towards the front. I'd imagine it would resist twisting and help those who encounter such a problem. How far do you need to shoot??? If Airflo ridged lines do it for you then ordinary plastic-coated lines will certainly do also.

I am sorry, but swivels in a fly-line are only an easy way to avoid dealing with and then correcting what is causing twists in the first place. Swivels are only useful down below the body of a line, where they don't go past the tip-top, and if they are used to prevent a leader from twisting - then I'd suspect the fly and how it is dressed. I doubt it could ever get bad enough this way to twist the heavy body section of a line and into the running section, but I don't know. I could be wrong.
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Originally Posted by Randyflycaster View Post
The easiest way to eliminate line twist is to use these plastic swivels:
I have a buddy that uses those sometime on his spey rods. He puts them in his leader. You might be right if you could put them between the running line and the head. I'd personally have a big problem with that - I've seen them up close. Otherwise you might not get at the cause of twists. Humm, but if it is not for prevention, but for maintenance....In the leader I guess it would leave out a lot of friction due to the fly, so maybe the speed of the untwisting on the swing would be greater. If you are using a weighted fly, especially one with dumbell eyes that doesn't want to flip then that could be pretty huge...might be a good idea.. even if only for an experiment!

On the other hand, the majority of people seem to not have the twist problem, so it might be more elegant and economical to figure out why first. Also, as Obi Wan Kenobi would say say about blasters (or bobber fishing I'd assume) - so uncivilized!

Yeah, its true if Jason really fishs hard, and in tough circumstances, then having to replace his shooting line may be the cost of doing business. Still 5 in 2 years (isn't that what he said?) does seem like a lot. But if he fishes every day maybe not.

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Durability of the running lines.

If you strip line from the reel at a right angle (90 degrees) to the rod cork,,,, you are prematurely wearing the line. I have seen this many times with trout FF and SH rods/reels.

The line should be stripped from the reel straight down the rod blank. Amazing how the worn out coating problems go away.

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Thanks again for the thoughts and feedback. Thankfully the shop handled the warranty no problem, and a few folks I've talked to have had similar issues with their running lines too. I don't think that twisting was really the culprit, though I do get some wicked twists/tangles on occasion. Things like stepping on the running line by accident certainly have happened once or twice, and I do think that the suggestion about how to strip line off seems key. I did double check ALL the guides on our switch and spey rods just to be sure, and they are all fine. I did end up trying the Rio connect core, which I know some folks have had issue with as well: so far so good for me. Have to say that I am a fan so far, of course brand new running lines are usually a little nicer to work with too.

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Have you tried Berkley Big Game, its dirt cheap. If you do anything to damage it you just put another 50 cents worth on your reel. I've been comparing it to the new OPST running line. To me one works about as good as the other. I hear people say you have to stretch Berkley Big Game prier to use, I never do. I just take the spool out of my reel and soak it in some water for about a half hour before I go fishing, this takes the coils right out and for me it stays coil free for several days. If you want you can put a little dry fly dressing on it to make it slicker. If you have any problems with twisting every now and then do an overhead cast, just make sure you shoot all of the line that you've pulled off your reel until it comes to an abrupt stop. Not shooting all your line out completely can cause coiling.

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Try running the line thru a pasta roller, flattens it out a bit and helps with the coiling

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Hello.. Iīve used the 30lbs Ridge Line this past season, must say itīs a good line, shoots well, very few tangles. BUT, if it tangles, Iīm always VEERY careful when I undo any knots. I wasnīt with the first one, and soon it separated for 6". The second one, as used now, has serviced well. Thatīs the one I welded to my #8 SSVT head, and if you think about the same poeration, ensure that the weld is up towards 4" long. I didnīt, and had a running line core slip on a snag. Luckily, I managed to recover the head. So, I figure these experiences shows that these line DO have a weak bond between core and coating, and Iīm sure Iīm not the only one who thinks so?? Yours borano20
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