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This is a great tutorial for one of the several methods that can be used to tie in married and strip wings. Eunan deserves a big thank you for doing it.

I agree with Dave on his thoughts regarding learning to tie in strip feather wings: Start with simple one feather strip wings (flies like the Wasp Series for instance) until you get the technique and thread control down for tying them in, then move on to married wings after it become second nature to tie the strip wings in. The reason I recommend doing the simple strip wings first is because you are going to have wings "blow up" on you, not sit right and have to be unwrapped and tied-in again (which means you are going to end up with some wings that will have to be tossed out), and move when you are cutting the butts off until you get that down as well. Using simple strip wings will not cause nearly the same level of frustration, anxiety, or anger that a married wing will when it come apart or doesn't sit right simply because of the extra time (and expense for the feathers) it takes to cut and marry a married wing's fibers.

I also concur with Dave regarding turkey tail instead of goose to do this.

There are a lot of simple strip wing classics, all of which look very good when finished, one can use to do this.
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