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Originally Posted by MJC View Post
Different strokes and all that. I like a pretty light load and I thought the Deathstar was money with a 525 skagit. I also used a 510 and liked that.

I often wonder why it matters to casters whether a rod is a 7wt or an 8wt.
I suspect it's because we're looking for some sort of "standard" or benchmark or optimum that we can rely on...maybe eliminate as a factor as to why we aren't all jedi.

As someone still in the learning stages, I want to think that the engineer who designed the taper knew what he was doing...so I don't have to second guess him. That way I can concentrate on what I'm doing wrong and not whether a heavier line or a different action would cast better. I know that there is such a thing as a grain window but somehow I've got to believe that there is "method to the madness", so to speak. I've got to believe that the engineer had something in mind.

I guess I'm hard headed or "just a dumb shoemaker" but in my mind even if you can drive a screw with a hammer, it doesn't mean you should.

That said, I wonder...don't think I've ever seen it quantified...what grain window comprises a 7wt and what comprises and 8wt?

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