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Originally Posted by SkagitMiester View Post
Does this mean you think the TCX is not actually a 7 weight? I have heard others allude to this as well.[/QUOTE
I was pretty shocked after casting the TCX and them labeling it a 7wt. I would consider it a 8/9 in my book.
This is the thing that puzzles me. The Sage TCX 7126 is advertised and considered a "fast action rod."

So, you "overline" it, slow it down and suddenly everything the designer intended goes out the window. At which point how is the Deathstar any better than nine out of ten of other, slower action 8wts? Like the Z-Axis 8129?

Is it going to perform as well with an 8wt as with a 7wt? Does the "fast action" that was intended, mean anything at all at that point? Wouldn't an 8wt rod that was designed to be slower action, and designed to throw an 8wt, be a better choice?

I don't mean to dispute or challenge anyone here...I don't have enough experience with a wide range of rods to know or speak with any authority...but why buy a fast action rod and then slow it down by overlining it? I don't get it.



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