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Save for too few 'fish,' the other 'problem' is too many people.

Moved out of the Seattle area in 1984 and was glad to go. I now look back and look at just numbers. In the three Counties (Seattle being in the middle) there are more people than live in the entire State of Oregon. And most of them are within 100 miles of down town Portland.

Do we have some rivers that are being 'Loved to Death?' Yup, North Umpqua comes to mind. As are some in the very north end of the of the State (safe guess). Another one that gets pounded is the Deschutes (easy access from Portland) but boats are only allowed to be used for transportation.

(A hint for other rivers?)

One other thing that gets my 'Thumbs Up' here in Oregon is the Oregon State Patrol is in charge of fishing checks. State Game guys concentrate on hunting (so I'm told). You see a OSP pick up truck and you can easily guess whose driving that and why. Drift boats/jet boats and they are paying attention.

Been a long time since I've had to pull out my license; I guess a guy in his 70's, with a Spey Rod and an old fat Yellow Lab, can get a 'pass.' (I have both, and I am.)


Fred Evans - White City, Oregon
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