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Originally Posted by steelhead23 View Post
Some guides are assholes. Their singular objective is that their client have a good experience, to hell with the rest of us and the resource. Simply put, much like school teachers, I expect exemplary conduct from guides as their clients may believe that rude and unethical behavior is the norm.
Not to go on a guide bashing spree because there are bad apples in every bunch, but this is always very frustrating to me as well. Guides are supposed to be stewards of the resource, and river ethics are a huge part of the experience. When guides display sub-par behavior on the river, it sets a very poor example for their clients. Just because they are trying to make a buck doesn't give them anymore right to the water than anyone else.

The letter was very well written and mirrors my thoughts concerning the "rivers with friends" sentiment. This is one gentleman I will be looking up if I ever need a OP guide...
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