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guides too

I suppose I will piss off a few guides here, but these are my observations. Some guides are assholes. Their singular objective is that their client have a good experience, to hell with the rest of us and the resource. I have personally witnessed guides at the toilet bowl on the Frying Pan River in Colorado purposely annoy other anglers (as in cast over their lines, etc.) in an effort to get them to leave so their paying client could get their money's worth. I well recognize that these are not the majority of guides, but this and other similar experiences have left a bitter taste in my mouth. Simply put, much like school teachers, I expect exemplary conduct from guides as their clients may believe that rude and unethical behavior is the norm.

Yes, I really like this guide and will be looking him up should I make a trip to the OP. I believe we would see eye to eye.
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