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Modular intruders - SBS of individual module

Modular Intruders SBS of module

Using a 12mm long x 2mm od section of polythene tubing, which has been heat flared at the head end, secure this over your tapered needle in your vice

After scoring or scraping the otherwise smooth surface of the plastic tube (to improve bonding of the tying thread and materials to the tube and prevent slippage during fishing), start with black silk tying thread a few mm back from the head end of the tube, and spin on some black-dyed seals fur dubbing onto the thread

Wrap the SF as a dubbing ball (post)

Select and tie in by its tip a black-dyed schlappen feather at the front of the SF post

Wrap the schlappen as a collar type hackle and trim the XS

Select a mixture of strands of flash – black, pearl and orange

Tie in a small bunch of the mixed flash – 4 strands black, 2 pearl & 1 orange, noting that you secure them in the middle of the strands, and when you fold them back and add more thread wraps, you will double the number of strands in the finished tie

Repeat the addition of bunches of mixed flash quartered around the tube

The flash all tied in

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