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Originally Posted by willi View Post
He wrote he is consulted by a "Spey guru" Where does "sport shop" fit in?
Poppy the red shed was not mentioned.
My point he is working with someone and has already purchased lines. Are you suggesting he should ditch them and buy new from this "Steve Godshall" chop shop?

I have nothing pro or con to say about him but, WTF is with this constant chant by the same few where ever a line question comes up? Lobbied?P

He is making building stuff WTF don't he put up a sponsor add as he is obviously selling / marketing here?
Good Evening willi:
You are absolutely right in every thing that you have stated--I just quite simply read the post wrong-by the way Steve works for Bob Meiser who is a sponsor. I especially am enjoying your attitude and your vivid choice of abbreviations such as WTF-Have a pleasant evening. Oh, by the way, I see that you made some changes to your post from the time that I took a quote from it.
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