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Originally Posted by willi View Post
Have you tried them yet? I don't see anything wrong. You have not added in the poly/versi spey leader weight yet, which with 10'-15' versi leaders put's into the zone. The geographic region of Canada I suspect you will be fishing Atlantic Salmon is noted for amongst the clearest rivers in the world. I could certainly see why one would ideally preferance touch & go cast's there with light anchors, finese Scandi as compared to power Scandi with more horsepower under the hood in that region. It's the birthplace, dial in grounds of finesse,long,olive camo tip'ed Scandi heads like the Rio AFS on rods exactly that size. A cup of coffee bet, say's that's very similar grains that Simon Gawesworth, Henrik Mortensen and other noted caster/fisherman would use there, why not you? Being "new" really does not need to change that any more than loading a 905 single hand Trouter for dry's with a 5 wf-f rather than a 6. The larger 9wt x 550grain + poly leader should handle any fly size you would use there, even in high water, with light Scandi it would seem to me.

IMO - Learning to touch and go (single and snake) spey cast does not get easier, increasing grains, to upper zones, unlike waterborn - sa casts may to some. Likely of more importance, to include his grain choice for you but, also for your overall ease of use while learning is your HEAD TO ROD LENGTH RATIO. If he has you on the short end of the stick (likely does for your ease) it should also be on the bottom end of the grain rate scale. A .2 cent wager bets, he has you short ratio and ideal grains for such, starting out. The short ratio will make it much easier for you starting out.

I give this un-known instructor the benefit of doubt personally on this one I take it he is working with you in person? If so, can't get any better than that and sure the heck beats mail order/web attempts.
I am not really sure what is meant by mail order/web attempts--BUT--I do know that talking to a person on Steve Godshall level or trying lines for your particular style from Poppy at the Redshed are both a great way to have confidence about your purchase. Or you could choose to take advice from a regular style sports shop--BUT-- there again to each his own. All I can say is that Steve has built me five different lines and I must say that each and every one works great. Before I started talking with Steve I probably bought and sold 12-15 lines based on people`s advice looking for the magic bullet. I did not find anything close till I talked things over with Steve. I guess, to each his own.


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