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Scandi heads

Just wondering if any body has some advice on scandi heads. I have bought scandi heads for my spey rods with the advice of my spey guru and in every occcurence he has gone lighter than the rod specs. he sold me a 375 grain for my Beulah platinum 13'2 while the webpage has it recommendation for over 400 grains. Same with my t&t 13'0 9 weight he's sold me a 550 grain head which is recommended for my burky 13'9 8 weight. Why would his preference be on the lighter weight? Don't want to insult the guy by asking him. I basically fish for atlantic salmon and haven't done any steelhead applications yet. Another question. When fishing with scandi heads I have heard that longer leaders are recommended. With a floating poly leader should I use a full leader size at the end or straight mono? Started out with long bellies and am trying the scandi because it seems like less effort, Just not fond of all the stripping.
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