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Part II

Part II

Tie in the mylar flash in 3 small bunches over the sunburst fox

Select a small bunch of fiery brown marble arctic fox tail fur

After teasing out the underfur, this underfur can be used as natural dubbing

Take a small pinch of the teased out underfur, and spin this onto the thread as dubbing

Wrap the dubbing as a short body section

The remainder of the fiery brown marble fox (the longer fibres left after teasing out the underfur) is placed, massaged, then tied in the round on the tube, & over the sunburst fox, but only partially covering the sunburst colour

Select a small bunch of brown marble arctic fox tail fur

After teasing out the underfur again, the brown marble fox is again tied in the round over the fiery brown fox, also shorter than the fiery brown


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