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U Tube SBS

U Tube SBS:


Tube: plastic ¾” long, 2.5mm diameter
Thread: 8/0 GG sheer
Rear post: yellow dyed cock hackle –swept
Rear wing: tied in the round – sunburst yellow marble arctic fox tail, with 3 small bunches (3-4 strands each) of flat pearl mylar flash over & extending ½” longer than the fox tips
Body: short section dubbed fiery brown fox underfur
Middle wing: tied in the round – fiery brown marble arctic fox tail
Front wing: tied in the round – brown marble fox tail
Accent ‘feelers’: Amherst pheasant centre tail fibres – 4 bunches quartered around the tube, each bunch consisting of 2 fibres of natural, 2 of hot orange & 2 red dyed Amherst fibres
Cheeks: matched pair of JC eye feathers, set between the Amherst bunches
Head: #4 Glo-Brite floss (red)
Varnish: clear


Set the plastic tube on the tapered needle in the vice, & start the thread near the rear

Select a yellow cock hackle, and prepare to tie in tip first

After the initial tie in, fold back the tip, and secure with another couple of thread wraps; trim the hackle tip

Double the hackle prior to wrapping

Wrap then sweep the hackle, securing with a couple of thread wraps. Add a dab of varnish to secure

Select a small bunch of the sunburst yellow marble fox, and tease out the underfur, and place the fur over the tube, and massage between finger & thumb to distribute the fibres around the tube, so that it is tied ‘in the round’

Tie in the fox, and then trim the excess

Select a few strands of the flat pearl mylar flash


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