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Hi Loco
I can't advise you on what guide to use, but if I may, can I give you some advise when booking a guide. A few years ago, I fished a B.C. river with a friend, he lives in Vancouver, so he made all the arrangment. He hired a guide through one of the local shops, we met this guide on the river. Because my friend has had very little experience with fly fishing,  I asked the guide if he would spend most of his time helping my friend get into fishing. What saddened me was; the guide spent more time fishing, then teaching my friend ( he even went as far as to carry his own rod), because my friend had made all the arrangments, and I was his guest, I was reluctent to say anything. I don't think this practise is comon, but to be sure I would strongly advise you to ask your giude before booking. I wouldn't mention this,  but some of my friends have experienced the same situation. It's important that you talk with the guide before you book the trip.
Just some thing's to think about when hiring a guide.
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