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Had to chime in re: Rogue River. I took the ultimate skiing/fishing road trip over the holidays leaving the Bay area with my drift boat and two handers in tow. I'm a newbee to spey casting. Floated the Rogue from Shady Cove to Tou Velle and went 2 for 3! First bright fish on my spey rod! Drove to Maupin and floated to Macks Canyon; 1 for 1 on my two hander! All the practice is paying off as most of the time I can only cast at the Golden Gate casting ponds. On up to the Sauk and Skagit. No grabs but lots of casting practice on some of the most beautiful rivers I have ever seen. The hatchery run was just starting to show. Up to Whistler for 5 days of great skiing with pals but I can't wait to head south again and wet a line. Stopped to fish the Skycomish; no grabs but once again practicing my casting with tips in a new and most beautiful setting. On to the Sandy. Floated from Dodge to Oxbow.Very challangeing white water with a hard bottom boat. No fish but Mark spent some time critiquing my casting. On to the N. Umpqua. I have only read about the rich history of the river and although there were no fish at this time of year had to experience the place. (Only time I used the single hander) Back to the Rogue for a final float before heading back to SF. Once again it produced a wonderful day of rowing, casting my spey rod, great company with other local drift boaters and two fish. I love that river! Next time I am in the area I will call. You live in a magic place.
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