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I don't think I've EVER used a knotless tapered leader in about 30 years for steelhead ( I occasionally use a knotless leader for trout when I'm too lazy to tie up a knotted one).  Leader knots are the least of your worries in regards to spooking fish -- if your knot is going to spook them, you can bet your fly will too.  The leader formula I use for a floating line is as follows (green maxima):
8 feet 30lb;
6 feet 25lb;
9"   20lb;
9"   15lb;
30'  12lb
If you want to go lighter, cut the tippet back to 9" and keep going down in diameter in 9" chunks until you add your tippet for a total length of 20 or 21 feet.  You should have no difficulties turning it over with flies up to #2/0.  Anything bigger than that and you better cut back to 15lb.
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