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            I suspected that some would be turned off by the weight of theses rods. I have not casted the 10wt yet but the 8/9 does not seem to be tip heavy at all most of the weight is in the butt section and I have been using pretty light reels such as a hardy salmon JLH disc and it feels quite comfortable. I would like to know what line you put on the 10wt rod. Derek did say that the finished rods were quite different than the prototype rods he recieved to test. I suspect they will be tweeking these rods for some time. Its to bad they raised the price 895.00 is alot more than some will be willing to pay when thier are some very good rods for 200.00 less. I think the new rods are awsome but they have some refining to do and I wish they would have done it before they put them on the market, I am quite sure that by next year the 8/9 wont be any thing like the one I have now.
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