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           I picked up the first D/B winston rod I could find, the 8/9 was the first rod ready in a series of four line weights. I have been very impressed with this rod, thier is nothing on the market that can compare as far as total power and distance. The weight of the rod took me a little getting used to but now feels comfortable. I would say that its very hard to overline this rod, it will cast a 10/ll mastery spey quite well but the 9/10 accelerator is just dead on for a floating line. I recently took Dereks course and when he cast my 8/9 with the 9/10 accelerator he really liked the way it loaded the rod through the mid section which got us to thinking that its really a 9/10 in disguise. The same thing went for the 9/10 winston it would cast the 10/11 mastery spey beautifully as far as you could cast it. So as far as the 10wt rod is concerned it will cast the heaviest lines available on the market, 11/12 wt lines. They are going to have a 7/8 out sometime in the near future I believe there are a few finished rods out thiert now but I think this rod will be more of an 8/9. I did try a 9/10 midspey with tips on my rod and it casted very sweet, not bogging the rod down at all. So here is my two cents worth on the new rods.
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