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The River Rambler Quarantine Challenge

It's 0330 and to be honest, I am at work trying to stay alert. I figured I should post something up in order for my brain to stay engaged.

A few weeks ago, our friend SLSS sent me a cryptic message about an imminent package that would keep me busy for a while. I am always excited about packages that come in the mail...but this seemed different. I don't like being busy.

I have to say, everything SLSS has ever shared with me has always been first class. Even the clear envelope the package came in was something out of the ordinary (not shown here).

So this is looking pretty cool:

Until I open it up:

Oh nooooo! A flytying challenge !&#%@$! He knew that I couldn't resist hooks thrown at me. Just when I thought I was gonna finish the Great British Baking Show series show with my daughter...

(Boy, was I glad for this distraction)

I guess I was supposed to start in Round 1 but my brain doesn't work that way. I went straight to Round 3 and tried meddling with the second to the last bad guy (watching Bruce Lee movies as a kid, the final 2 fight scenes were always the most dramatic).

I decided on the pattern from Pryce-Tannatt called the "Jimmie". I dropped that hook at least 10 times, panic would set in, but eventually I would find it (it certainly helped to have orange tying thread attached to the hook).


Well, now I had to face the "Boss" hook...that size 24. It was a daunting challenge. I could barely hold the other hook...this seemed impossible. As soon as I peeled the tape off and tried to pinch the wire, I lost the hook. It was so light my fingertips couldn't feel it. After 10 minutes with a flashlight on the rug, I find Boss hook laughing at me...I pick it up with my thumb and index and promptly lose it again. I swear I dropped that hook at least 20 times during the build. I had to focus so intently that I forgot to curse at SLSS for sending me this PITA.

I decided to tie the Silver Dashwood from the Farlows book.

I mangled the tinsel body as there is just nowhere to hold the hook when tying the wing down. The camera had trouble focusing so I had to use tweezers to snap a picture.


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