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Originally Posted by T17 View Post
I owned a salmon tackle company for 13-years and did a tremendous amount of R&D and comparisons between Glow and "enhancers." Added UV is nothing more than bluing agent, an optical enhancer (or whitener), i.e., Mrs Stewart's in the laundry soap aisle. (Makes your t-shirts very white.) It is not a true UV (you and I cannot see UV). Instead it optically brightens your fly, tackle, etc... It is nowhere near the same as "true" UV; which to date, we haven't been able to manufacture for fishing.

Is it more effective than non-enhancing chemicals (note I did not say UV)? Perhaps. It probably has a lot to do with the agent turning materials/paints a purple color/hue under light refraction at depths outside normal light penetration. And purple is the last color to fade to gray/black at depth. In rivers? It just brightens the materials.

If these enhancers give you confidence half the battle is already won!

Now that you know what it is and where to find Mrs. Stewart's have fun and experiment! Be sure to dilute you mixtures. I couldn't give you the slightest idea on ratios for materials as I only added it to paints. But I imagine it will "burn" most natural materials.

Hope this helps.

Fascinating. I just tested it.

I compared some Hareline UV tying materials to Mrs. Stewarts, in the dark, under a UV light. The UV materials absolutely glowed. Mrs. Stewarts was black, no glow.

Iím not arguing with what you figured out when you did your research, nor arguing that UV materials catch more fish. However, the difference that I just observed between UV materials and Mrs. Stewarts was incredible.

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