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While a 12 wt. single and a 5/6 double may throw similar line weights there is a difference in how the rods play the fish

If we take a 9' 12 wt and a 20+ Kispiox steelhead, I'll assume we would be holding that 9' rod somewhere on the blank above the corks.
Let's say at the 2' mark
That gives the steelhead a 3.5 to 1 lever on the fisherman.
Now if we took a 13' rod at the 2' mark it's a 6.5 to 1 lever
That means the long lightweight rod gives the fish the maximum leverage and will require the fisherman to be play the fish off the reel not the rod.
That also means it will take longer to bring the fish in to release.

In this time of reduced numbers it's criminal to play a fish too long.

This summer on the Dean River I watched a fisherman from California play a 40" + steelhead to exhaustion.
It went belly up when he eventually released it.

We need to respect the fish and take tackle geared to the largest fish we may encounter.

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