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That ain't a reel....This is a reel!

(With apologies to Crocodile Dundee for pinching his line).

I saw this one on another forum, & momentarily thought people are always looking for heavy reels to balance long Spey rods, so if you are the proud owner of the world's first 27' 9" #18 wt tournament rod then this may be the reel for you:


Add a / at the end & it should work.

Put it into the search bar and then go a search of the tunny (blue fin tuna) fishing off the Yorkshire coast of the UK between the 2 world wars - there are even some old film clips on video showing the fights with the rowing boats they fished from (operating from a chartered trawler alongside the herring fleet) being towed around by the fish generating a bow wake.

Very different times, many famous celebrities of the day (including Hollywood superstars etc.) came over to take part in this (Very) rich man's sport; I found it fascinating though, hope you enjoy it.

Regards, Tyke.
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