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Originally Posted by Terrible flojo View Post
Any help on fixing waders. They are leaking at every seam possible. I bought some flex seal but Iím afraid to use it to ruin any chance of fixing my waders. Any help would be appreciated.
Every seam possible? One thing is that during hot weather you get a lot of condensation inside a wader when you step into very cold water. It will feel like a leak. Turn them inside out and apply alcohol where you think the leaks are, then turn them right side in and look for the where the alcohol made it through. That is the leak.

Simms tried telling me about the condensation and I sent the wader in anyway, and they had to replace the booties because of bad seams. I think you have a choice of 1) warranty or 2) new waders. I suggest number 2, and spending enough that #1 is possible later.

They all leak sooner or later and the alcohol trick is the way to find holes. Especially with two-handed rods, we generate a lot of line speed on the forward cast with big hooks with sharp points. Easy to put a hole through a wader. Or, when your casting is rusty, to get a free pierced ear and a major cut under your eye .
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