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I avoid colored fish but there is no real protection for them here in Alaska. I have caught colored salmon but always by accident, whenever I can actually see them in a channel I move on. Typically the season closes by July 13th by which time most have turned and are getting to the business of spawning. I have seen people hanging around active redds as late in the year as late August and early September torturing spawners just to feel them struggling on the line. Only seen that a couple times and there is / was nothing I can do about it.

Silver salmon are a species that make things difficult for me throughout the fall. Rainbow trout and steelhead trout are most frequently to be found in the area of the silvers and their spawning activity. It takes accurate casting - good line & fly control as well as good eyesight in order to avoid having an angry male salmon stuck to your fly every other cast. Like the kings there are no laws to stop people targeting the spawners but after they color up fishing pressure fades greatly. The silvers will be present in some rivers right into November so you learn how to avoid them.

The idea that your state would actively endorse the idea of targeting fish which are ready to produce the future of their species is hard to understand. I wish you well in the fight to protect what you have down there.

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