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I think if you are considering a "gently used" option, the Classified Forum here will increase your options dramatically

Older model T&T's, CND's, Guideline LPXe's, HMSvII's, Meisers and Burkies can be had for much less than once offered.
Even the older Echo Classics, Beulah and Deer Creeks are now even more of a bargain !!

The old St. Croix Imperial series was designed around the DT line (salmon) and is a sleeper in the world of the two-hander. If you like a full through action with an authoritative upper 1/3, hard to beat the 14' 9/10 version. My biggest regret was selling that rod, utterly in pristine condition as well


Have you Swung a Spey Fly today ??
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