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Honestly if price is the ONLY criterion, and since small trout do not require anything mechanically sophisticated ANY large arbor reel rated for a single hand 5/6 should be perfect on that rod, and you don’t NEED to pay more than $50 new. On here most of the time you say “budget” and you get 10 people suggesting high end things you didn’t ask about. Have a gander at the inexpensive offerings on amazon to get a reality check. I’m not necessarily saying buy it there, but on a 3wt you just need a mechanically sound line holder with about the right weight and volume as a bottom line. Save your money for when there is at least SOME chance it will make a difference. As an owner of too many vintage and semi-expensive reels myself I feel I’ve got enough cred to say it is mostly how it makes you feel rather than fundamental to the endeavor, and for smallish freshwater fish that goes double.

Otherwise possibly come up with a few other things you may be looking for in a reel. If you know what makes YOU feel good go for something like that. Otherwise it is just people telling you what makes THEM feel good.

That said, the Sage Click that bigwilly is selling right now would probably be sweet on that rod - in other words would make any sane person “feel good”.

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