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Great story and incredible memories made on Emma's first die hard steelhead trip. Great job being daddy guide. Your unselfish investment in tutoring Emma and keeping her safe on the water paid off big time! Her first two inaugural steelhead on dry flies...who does that?!?!

Such an awesome accomplishment for Emma with raising, hooking, and landing those magnificent steelhead and great job of guiding by dad. We were all jealous of Emma's success, especially the guy who can only get hatch brats!

As I said, the river chose Emma! Most of us go indeterminate amounts of time for any opportunity to tangle with with those unicorns down there.

I am truly honored that Emma decided to try my flies. That little ninja in that big buck's mouth looks like a tiny speck! Afterall it is tied on a little size 8 mustad s80 (3906 equivalent).

Just a truly amazing trip for the two of you. Emma's fate as a dry fly steelheader has been sealed!

Look forward to seeing you both again on future adventures.


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