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Bridge fly lines..

So i know these are only available in Canada at the moment..and i think the initial run is sold out....but more are on the way..

Bridge fly lines developed by one of my great buds and SOR competitor Tim Arsenault are pretty damn amazing lines...

I own now the 40' 575g line 7/8wt (shorter version which name slips my mind) I have coming after an afternoon on the skagit river testing with Tim, Larry the Heb and Motto Merc...the 53' version for the 15' 7/8 B&W power lite...as well as the 8wt 40' head @ 625g and when they come out in the fall, the winter line for tip which will be a 30' give or take head that we cast with 10' of T11.

So a brief and very unprofessional take on these lines by me..

40' Full floater head is very nice...feels lighter then the grain weight..sails so smoothly out there and the turn over with this line is one of the best i've fished..
I found that the line i have is a big winner on my 8142-4 burkheimer ... just amazing on this rod...as a dry line just for S**** and giggles we put a gaelforce polyleader tip on, 3.6 sink rate (mid range one) on and it worked very well..was a blast to fish and my thoughts were on a couple runs this would be perfect for..
I thought this line would be the one for my new 14' 7 B&W and it does do quite well on there but the 8wt version at 625g actually was ridiculous..We were casting into a head wind which sucked..but is typical of summer thermals around Hamilton area in the summer..so not the best way to figure out a line...but the 8wt cut through the wind and turned over nicely...

The 53' version at 7/8 wt also was a big winner on the 15' B&W 4 piece 7/8 power lite....My goodness this line cast beautifully even in the wind and a long way...will be on my reel for the CW this fall for sure...

We also played with the "winter" line which is a 30+or- head with the 10' T11 tip and this line is going in my kit as soon as it comes out....I've often missed the old SA 30' skagit which i seemed to always put on backwards, curse and have to switch as they NEVER marked which end was which....The Bridge winter line is a much improved line over the SA one....again single spey casts were effortless with this line....not meant to cast big chickens but traditional spey flies...(though i bet it would IMHO but not near as pretty) I am old school and not a skagit head guy...so i have fished the NC zones and steelhead finders when i want to use T11 ..this line is a longer head and with IMHO better turnover.. just snaps out there..and i am a huge zone/steelhead finder fan...or was!!

I apologize for not doing my homework and getting the actual names of these lines correct...I have been casting prototypes with Tim the last couple years as he developed them and always referred to them as the longer or shorter one...so please chime in with the correct names.....They are a big hit up north as his original order which went to Micheal and Youngs fly shop in B.C. and a shop in Alberta i believe is pretty much sold out ... and another big order is coming in soon....

Keep your eyes open for these lines and i think when you get a chance to try them you'll be pleasantly surprised...Well done Tim and Bridge fly lines!!! (Below is the legend himself..TIMMMMY)
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