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Try the 'Michael Evans' poly-leaders, these are made by Airflo & are of the same densities as their tapered leaders, but are level leaders without any taper & sink at an even rate [although if fished off a floater or slower sinking line this will slow the sinking of the butt end causing the tip to sink at a faster rate]. They are available in 5ft & 10 ft lengths & are looped at each end, I buy the 10 footer & cut them as required ,ie: 7ft & 3ft or 6 ft & 4ft etc, or use complete to achieve the presentation I want.
Whilst not as delicate in terms of presentation, they definately turn over larger &/or heavier flies more easily than the tapered versions. they are designed for salmon fishing & are constructed on a 30lb breaking strain core, at least the one I just checked is labeled as such & I'm not aware of any changes recently to the design.

Regards, Tyke.
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