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Originally Posted by fish0n4evr View Post
Subtle? Big difference in practice, me thinks.

Shaping the loop:
The climbing loop - I think it's been brought up here and there. You mentioned the "tank tracks," our friend Esa may have alluded to it. A few other members (none here yet) have mentioned it in other related discussions so it seems well understood at least by some???

Practice is what it takes. IOW: Put it into action. Then at least you can come back and post your findings???
Another option might be that Mike is just casting like a normal human being with a softer stop and I'm slamming the holey heck out of the cast like my hair is on fire

IMO we are throwing two completely different casts, but I can produce a video with less rebound which will probably require nothing less than just mellowing out a little.

... the pseudo-science of running-lines and matching heads has now devolved into such a miasma of obfuscation that it is a wonder that people are even not more confused....Erik Helm

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