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I am calling myself a good example of a guy who travels overseas every year once or twice with a LOT of luggage.
The standard approach (ever since my first extreme trip to BC in 2017) is to pack my spey rods (3) in a massive Simms Spey Rod cannon and this large spey rod cannon
goes into a 48" long duffel intended for inflatable boat storage/transportation. I throw in waders and boots, clothing, this and that, flies and tools.
The rest goes carry-on. That is one larger checked item for a week+ of spey fishing anywhere on the globe.
Air Canada, British Airways, WestJet, Delta, KLM, Swiss all have no issues with the large duffel as checked luggage.

Ever since the boat came into play (first a FCScout by Outcast, now a Catchercraft Freestone with a breakdown frame) the spey rod cannon stays at home and the aluminum rod tubes
will go into the 48" duffel along with the hull of the boat, broken down smaller frame parts, the oar shafts, gear, tools, clothing.
The rest (major frame parts, flies, clothing, waders, boots) will have to go into a second checked bag.
Carry-on for small items and reels. two times 23kg (50lbs) max per bag. (the oar blades will go carry-on as well due to weight).

British Airways has - in my eyes - the very best checked luggage policy for the flights out of Switzerland.
Premium Eco will give you 2x checked bags for free. My Silver status with the airline now gives me 2x 32kg (71lbs) for free regardless of my cabin class.

So I will haul my framed pontoon, three spey rods and everything else half way around the globe each time I go pursue adventures for steelhead out west.
Five trips and absolutely no issues thus far.
The only thing that crosses my mind all the time: the 48" duffel from AIRE (boat bag) is not as sturdy as others but it has held up very well.
It just has the perfect size/dimensions.



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