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Capt, Actually many people would call most of the aeroheads shortlist SHORT bellies. The longest, heaviest one just breaks into the traditional SHORT belly length, and that one by ratio on a 12’ rod as I make it just makes it to “mid belly” length - but I don’t think I would use that one on such a short rod. Bruce Berry put in the language of “modern mid belly” in the description. He has said on here that this was because people nowadays are using shorter rods, but on a spey length rod, even by ratio, most of these lines would not really qualify as a traditional mid-belly length line, and the lightest of these is verging on a longish scandi on any spey length rod. I love these lines and have all the weights, but NOT mid-belly length by any traditional measure.

As I said previously I’m not against using old terms in a modified, new way. But at the same time I’m not willing to admit that the old classifications suddenly are meaningless. The problems come when the words loose their meaning and people have difficulty communicating, so it is not mere semantics. I know some companies like rio have products that they call short, mid, long HEAD. I don’t think these should be confused with the traditional “belly” definitions. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but things have broken down to such a degree that some people on here have used “long belly” to refer to “any line longer than a short scandi”. Recall that the traditional classification would be circa 80’ and longer, with mid bellies being 70’-80’.

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