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That sounds about right for that rod. If you want to cast larger flies with a 3 wt you are talking about a specialty line that will be more clunky, not a line that is designed as a modest tweak to a delicate presentation taper, like the SH Spey line. If you use the ballpark rule of upping the wt of single hand rated lines approximately 2 on switch lenght rods and 3 on spey length rods (when using them as originally intended, e.g. overhead lines cast overhead on the spey-rated rods) then you will get in the SHSpey line case a line that is maybe a tad bit heavier than you normally would like for overhead casting, and possibly on the light side for spey casting. That is about where they intended for that line as its forte is doing both on the same rod. I’d say 6 and 7wt will be the ones you would try if just intended to do spey casts. It really comes down to personal taste and the rod.

You can go by length ratios (line to rod) but I really think talking about type of “belly” classifications relative to a short 3wt is misuse of the nomenclature. It kind of works in the correct spirit with long rods that are a little lighter than traditional - say a 14’ 7wt, but even then it starts to strain the original use a bit. And for 6wt it is hard even to find genuine “short belly” length lines, as I discovered during my recent 6wt long rod long line kick. I have have at least one very experienced friend that insists that the short/mid/long belly classification should only be applied to the actual length of the line, not some kind of ratio. But while I don’t usually have a knee-jerk reactionary objection to widening the use of terms when it is useful, I kind of think talking about “belly type” in the same sentence as a 3wt switch rod if not a bit silly, then a least not very useful.

Of course I agree with ktd, I think Steve is the guy who’s ruling on what can be done at the lightweight limit I’d accept as gospel. As I mentioned above, finding a true short belly lenght spey line for a 14-15’ 7wt is not terribly easy, and for a 6wt it is nearly impossible even if you look at lines that have been marketed over the past 10 or more years, not just ones made currently. Short of adapting (and possibly doctoring) single hand lines to your application steve will certainly be the only source I know of for a line like you are talking about, or close to it.

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