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In the past 5 years, I've run into one other trout spey nut on the local rivers here. I know there are a few more around, but we never seem to see each other on the water.

The local fly shop is only somewhat aware of two handers. The guy I bumped into a few years ago said he suggested to the manager of the fly shop that they start a two-handed casting group and sell two-handed rods and lines, but that hasn't happened. We both thought that they could sell quite a bit of two-handed gear if they would carry it.

Maybe most of us already know what we want and order it, either from the local fly shop or buy it from a knowledgeable shop when we're on a trip. I usually buy from my favorite knowledgeable shop in Maupin, OR. I also buy a fair number of used rods here on Spey Pages, although I'm trying to quit.

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